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You Should Use These 25 Beautiful Rainmeter Skins , Complete Info!

Rainmeter is a free, open-source desktop customization software for Windows. It’s the best way to customize your desktop with skins and themes. You can make it look like anything you want. With over 25 gorgeous rain meter skins that are easy to install, you’ll be able to find one that fits your style perfectly! 

The Windows operating system has always been and continues to be a highly configurable one. However, the majority of this personalization is limited to modifying the wallpaper from time to time, as well as utilizing the many official and third-party/custom Windows 10 themes. Fortunately, there are several applications available that enable you to customize your Windows desktop in every way possible, with Rainmeter being one of the most well-known. Rainmeter skins may completely change the appearance of your device, and we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 Rainmeter skins you can use to get started.

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The Best Rainmeter Skins for Your Desktop in 2021

Metadata is information about the files that you’re looking at, such as their name, size, and type. Metadata tells us useful details like when they were created or last modified. The clock, network statistics, and processor usage may all be viewed on the desktop, which can be customized in unimaginable ways owing to the many skins available for it.

It goes without saying that in order to utilize these skins, you’ll need Rainmeter (free download) on your Windows machine. It works with all Windows versions, from XP to Windows 10, and should also function properly with Windows 11. After you’ve completed reading this essay, please take a look at our essay conclusion below to find out why we picked the various pros and cons.


The one I like the most is Mond because of how well it complements the wallpaper. I’m using a wallpaper from Reddit called Neon Gas Station (check it out). Furthermore, the Mond skin is highly configurable and allows you to add as many widgets on the desktop as desired. However, bear in mind that the Spotify integration is not enabled out of the box, so you’ll need to install a separate plugin. You can get the plugin from the link mentioned below. Overall, Mond skin is straightforward to use, lightweight and does not burden your computer with background processes.


Another fantastic Rainmeter skin I frequently use on my laptop is RLHUV. You may use the plugin to include a lot of functionality, including the ability to group things together on your blog. It’s easy because you have a top-bar widget with customizable hyperlinks, a Spotify visualizer, and lastly a date and time widget on your blog. I can access any website on my desktop in a matter of seconds, which is fantastic. I’ve also utilized Reddit’s ‘You are Here’ wallpaper (look it up) in addition to numerous other Rainmeter components. To include more widgets, you may conceal the taskbar as well.


A minimalist Rainmeter theme from Aeromed is a great way to add a material look to your desktop while keeping it simple. A date, time, and weather widget, as well as a running widget for motivational quotations, are included. How awesome is that? Aside from that, you have a dock similar to macOS that you can customize any way you want. What’s more, the design of this skin, which is made for my i5-powered laptop, does not impede its performance. So, if you want to check out this Rainmeter theme, go to the URL below. For this one, I’m sticking with the theme and using a minimalist nature wallpaper (see it here).


As a result, the majority of people believe that Android was inspired by Apple. However, while looking at the iPhone user interface for inspiration may seem to be a difficult decision, it doesn’t have to be when you choose between iOS and Android. It has a launcher, quick settings toggling, music control buttons, and so on. Everything you need is right in front of you on the home screen. I like this program because it allows me to customize my Mac into a beautiful and functional desktop computer. I use the Rainmeter skin for touchscreen laptops; if you have one, I would highly recommend it. I used a Reddit wallpaper called ‘Futuristic City’ to link the skin and desktop background, giving it an appealing aesthetic. Overall, I enjoy this Rainmeter theme and you should absolutely download it to your computer.

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The Gemini Suite

The Gemini Suite is a simple Rainmeter skin that features a CPU, RAM, and storage meter as well as a date-time widget on top. However, there are a few worth noting features about it. In the left widget, you may add a variety of games and applications. You may also link your Steam account to access and start games instantly. The best thing is that the Xbox Game Bar, which is part of this skin, allows you to access numerous gaming utilities in one click. And the skin is incorporated into the wallpaper, which is fantastic. Simply said, if you’re a gamer, give The Gemini Suite skin a try.


Sonder skin is a minimalist theme with a natural-inspired aesthetic that will feel familiar to you if you’re searching for one. The clock, calendar, weather, and CPU statistics all have green elements. This rainmeter theme should improve the beauty of your desktop. It’s paired with a centered transparent taskbar, as well as TaskbarX for a more beautiful home screen. Furthermore, the skin is still growing, therefore you will acquire new features in the future.


The IronMan-Jarvis Rainmeter skin, which is powered by J.A.R.V.I.S, will work well enough for anyone who isn’t Tony Stark. It’s highly adaptable, with a variety of modules that may be simply relocated. Some of the information shown includes clock/date, hard disk capacity, and temperature details, as well as RSS, feeds, and, of course, links to the system folders (e.g. ). The Arc Reactor is the most effective method of providing power to our cities; however, it has its drawbacks. For example, solar panels must be installed on both sides of a city in order to collect radiation from all angles. To do so would cause several problems (such as maintenance and upkeep), which are prohibitively expensive for most nations;

Avengers SHIELD OS

You can play Nick Fury while sitting at your computer, thanks to the Avengers SHIELD OS Rainmeter theme. It’s available in a number of resolutions, and it includes handy shortcuts to crucial programs such as Browser and Media Player. The main portion is a loop of “My Hero,” which was used when Iron Man started his AI, Jarvis. The Kodi add-ons are all included in the zip file that comes with the remote control itself instead of being installed separately on your device.

Senja Suite

Senja Suite is a minimalist’s delight. You will appreciate it if you prefer simplicity. Rainmeter is a lightweight and clean Rainmeter skin that just handles the basics but does so effectively. The left side of the interface is home to a number of buttons, including a User profile button with an expandable bar for System folder shortcuts, a Slideshow of favorite pictures, Media information with control buttons, and Shutdown/Restart/Log off controls.



ALIENS is the film that perfectly depicts how crucial a background wallpaper is to customization. It’s a beautifully designed Rainmeter skin that makes sense when paired with the included Aliens wallpaper. The programmable aspects of the modules include everything from Disk partition shortcuts and Power status to Network upload/download speeds, System time and date, and more.

11. Eker Lina

Eker Lina is one of the most attractive Rainmeter themes available, with a stunning aesthetic that includes numerous sub-modules that mimic tiny widgets with a consistent appearance. As a result, the skin’s subelements may be rearranged to create an infinite variety of appealing designs. System folder and drive shortcuts, Media controls, RSS feeds, Time & Date, and current weather are just a few examples of Eker Lina’s data display capabilities.

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12. Spiderman

Who doesn’t want to play a game with a Spiderman theme? We certainly do, and that’s precisely why this topic has made it to our list. The skin features Spiderman-inspired icons on your desktop, which go well with the wallpaper (available in My Documents/ Rainmeter/ Skins/ Spiderman). Furthermore, the left side menu includes all of the necessary information such as download and upload speeds, disk details, and memory usage.

13. Before Dawn

This is the simplest Rainmeter skin to get started with, and it requires no customization. Before Dawn is the most straightforward of all of them. It’s simple to use, and it looks fantastic. All you have to do is click a button, and the bar appears as a beautiful, informative desk covering the whole width of the screen. The software’s interface is easy to understand, and it includes time and date, frequent access programs and websites, subscribed RSS feeds, and current outdoor temperature.

You Should Use These 25 Beautiful Rainmeter Skins , Complete Info!


It’s not always necessary to inundate your Windows 10 desktop with widgets. There’s a chance you’re seeking clean, peaceful skin with virtually no distractions. That’s what MNML UI has to offer you. It’s a set of pleasant and contemporary clock and date widgets that may improve your computer experience in a matter of minutes (including pun intended!)

15. Big Sur

Are you a die-hard Windows user who enjoys all of the macOS Big Sur widgets? Fortunately, this skin is precisely what you’ve been searching for. The Nox also features a number of widgets, including a music player, system, calendar, to-do list, clock, calendar, weather forecast, volume, and brightness controls. The skin is one of a kind in that it not only displays the most up-to-date news stories on your computer but also provides access to them.

16. T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M-E-X Mod

Do you want to go back to the 2010s and get a taste of this Rainmeter skin, which looks like JetAudio has taken over your entire Windows desktop? This skin is known as T-R-A-N-S-F-O-R-M, and it allows you to add anything from the CPU, RAM, SWAP, location, and weather data on your desktop. 3D icons for applications and power functions are included at the bottom, with a visualizer-like background.

17. Enigma

Enigma is a Rainmeter skin with thousands of positive reviews that have been downloaded over two million times. You can spend hours at a time configuring Enigma, which is one of the most (if not the most) popular Rainmeter skins ever made. In reality, it was chosen as Rainmeter’s default skin in 2009 because of its outstanding quality. Enigma can display just about all information imaginable about a system (and others) It’s highly configurable and may be re-organized in any way you choose. On the desktop, Enigma can display World time and weather, media playback status/control, many RSS feeds, picture slideshow, CPU and RAM usage information, quick notes, real-time active processes, and more content.

18. Speed

Speed’s frosted glass and transparency effects look fantastic when paired with muted and basic wallpapers. Each of the skin’s sub-modules has a similar design and may be rearranged to fit different screen resolutions. It has three-day weather forecasts, system time/date, RSS feeds, network condition, unread email count, CPU/RAM usage (via fashionable indicators), and of course temperature.

19. Wisp

Wisp is unusual in that its sub-elements don’t have enclosure boundaries, so they appear as though they are written or drawn directly on the desktop background rather than as individual widgets. When Wisp is combined with the correct wallpaper, you can create some extremely beautiful workstations. The skin is rather basic and straightforward, with modules for displaying data such as disk partition space usage, temperature, system date and time, CPU/RAM use, and network bandwidth utilization.

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20. Simple Media

Simple Media is one of the most basic-looking and straightforward skins available for Rainmeter. Despite being basic and having just the necessary information, Simple Media is beautiful due to its nice typeface and design that works on almost all types of desktops, regardless of resolution. The included components may be employed to show the current Date and Time, Recycle Bin status, as well as the present Temperature. There are several variations available for each of these three items.

21. LIM!T

If you don’t care for complicated designs and want to convey more meaning via simple text, LIM!T is definitely a Rainmeter skin worth checking. It is made up almost entirely of big, clean fonts that convey a lot of information by filling the interior(s) of the textual content, depending on what information that text is displaying (e.g., The first digit is the number of seconds since the start of a new time epoch, commonly called “epoch” (e.g., 10 or 55). The second digit indicates exactly how many milliseconds have elapsed from that particular moment in time given by the first digit to the current microsecond. It’s stored as a single byte with no fractional Open the Settings menu. Select “General.” Scroll down until you come across “Information & Privacy.” Select it to open the main settings screen, which shows your current location, battery power level, and more data about your device. You may also access this section by going to Settings > General.

22. Cyberpunk 2077

We’ve waited a long time to bring Cyberpunk 2077 to all major platforms, but it’s finally here. If you simply can’t get enough of the game on your desktop, this skin will improve its look and feel. You’ll get essential desktop shortcuts for fast access, as well as CPU usage, download and upload speeds, and system information.

23. Circle Launcher

Microsoft offers you the choice of adding software icons to the taskbar or desktop, but if you want to customize your desktop’s appearance further, then the circle launcher might be useful. It’s called the circle icon adder for a reason; it lets you add circular icons to desktop shortcuts. When the little symbols hover over, they become white, adding to the appeal of this Rainmeter skin, which has about 150 icons in its collection at present.

24. Elegance 2

Elegance 2 is a skin tailored to those who enjoy simplicity. It, like its name, exudes elegance and conveys essential system information in an elegant manner. It’s lightweight and blends in beautifully with the desktop image it replaces. The information is displayed in legibly designed typefaces, including time and date, CPU and RAM usage statistics, Media playback and control, as well as Recycle Bin item statistics.

You Should Use These 25 Beautiful Rainmeter Skins , Complete Info!

25. Minimalist 2

Are you sick of the same old Windows desktop and want to try something new? If you answered yes, then Rainmeter’s Minimalist 2 may be the ideal Rainmeter theme for you. The widget has a lot of features, including battery percentage, storage, CPU and RAM usage on the left side, and software and folders on the right. You may also add weather, time, and date widgets to the screen, as well as change the wallpaper to personalize the atmosphere.

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Make Your Windows PC More Personal With Rainmeter Skins

Computers, like people, may be regarded as digital extensions of our personalities, therefore it’s only natural that they have a distinct personal appeal to them. The end result is that you can create a more pleasing visual appearance, without requiring any changes to the system. All of these configuration tools are available right within Windows, but they may be difficult to understand and implement because most users are unfamiliar with them. Make it your own. Have you discovered any other Rainmeter skins or themes that may have made the cut? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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