Is there a Season 1 Episode 11 of Bel-Air? The Future Of Peacock Series Confirmed?

Bel-Air Season 1 Episode 11

In February, Peacock’s dramatic retelling of Will Smith’s narrative from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air premiered, and the real-life Will Smith has been dominating headlines lately.

The ninth episode of the first season of Bel-Air captivated viewers on March 31st as Will had to deal with an unexpected arrival in California.

It’s unclear whether Bel-Air will be back for episodes 11 and beyond since the series ended on a cliffhanger in episode 10.

bel air season 1 episode 11

Beware: Spoilers ahead for episode 10 of Bel-Air

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Bel-Air Episode 10 Review

March 31st, 2022 was the date that Episode ten of Bel-Air landed on Peacock.

In the episode titled Where To?, Jazz and Hilary’s long-hidden affair was made public, and Hilary later teamed up with a prominent influencer to enhance her career.

Vivian partnered up with Reid in an effort to help other artists of color gain access to the art fellowship, as well.

will it happen

Finally, the entrance of Will’s father Lou (Marlon Wayans) throws everything into disarray in Bel-Air.

While Will is glad to see his father, who had been in prison for the past three years, his mother, Vy, is upset that his aunt and uncle misled to him about his father’s whereabouts and almost causes an argument between the two of them.

No, the 11th episode will not be aired in the first season of Bel-Air.

The eleventh episode of Bel-first Air’s season will not air.

That’s because the first season of Peacock only has ten episodes.

The first three episodes of Bel-Air aired back in February, and the show has been showing on Thursdays ever since.

Season 1 concluded on March 31st with a dramatic cliffhanger that left fans eager for the next installment.

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It Is Not Over Yet

it is not over yet

Season 1 of Bel-Air has come to a close, but the show’s return for season 2 has already been announced.

There were two seasons ordered for Bel-Air when it was first announced back in October of 2020.

After the series finale aired on March 31st, 2022, the entire first season of Bel-Air may be seen in its entirety on Peacock.

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