Ben Napier Weight Loss: The Inspiring Journey of How the ‘Home Town’ Star Shed Pounds!

The nickname “Big” for Ben Napier, presenter of HGTV’s Home Town, is given to him by his wife and co-star Erin. The 6’6″ tall woodworker from Laurel, Mississippi towers over his 5’5″ partner, and his bulky size occasionally makes him look more like a football player than a proprietor of a small-town store. Fans may thus be shocked to learn that “Big” Ben has lost a little weight when the show returns for its third season this week.

How Much Weight Has Hgtv’s Ben Napier Lost?

ben napier weight loss

Fans of Ben Napier, one half of the famous pair from the smash series “Home Town,” on HGTV, have noticed a significant change between the star they see on television and the one they have seen in recent images. Even though the seventh season of the show just began, some of the episodes were shot months ago, before Napier had made any real headway in her weight loss.

His wife Erin Napier reported that he has shed 65 pounds since they started filming the new episode that aired that night in a tweet on March 26, 2023. Fans were astounded by Ben’s metamorphosis as she shared a picture of him with Jay Leno from their recent trip to Los Angeles. However, the craftsman has experienced dramatic weight loss before.

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Erin Napier Celebrates Ben’s Weight Loss

Ben Napier’s wife Erin is extremely proud of him after sharing snippets of his weight reduction progress over the past month and applauding him for his dedication to improving his health. On March 2, she posted a picture of him with their daughters, Helen, 5, and Mae, almost 2, lying on the floor of a gym he had constructed in their new rural house.

She wrote, “Holy smokes what a babe with good blood pressure, has been building a gym in the barn and lost many pounds despite having a torn rotator cuff and us barging in and slowing him down daily.” Four days later, she posted a shirtless picture of Ben constructing painting easels for her and their girls, prompting followers to joke that she was about to “break the internet.”

After receiving a surprise invitation to check out his garage full of vintage automobiles while they were in LA, fans were once again blown away by the picture she tweeted of him with Jay Leno. “I’m proud of Ben on this health and weight loss journey,” one individual retorted. You, people, are demonstrating once again that individuals can see results when they put effort into something.

Love you at whatever size @scotsmanco, a nurse tweeted. However, by making these modifications, you are adding quality and YEARS to your life with your children, according to an RN. What a lovely way to express your love for them.

He looks terrific. Congratulations, a different supporter tweeted. Ben, I am aware of the effort involved. After his accident, Jay Leno is in incredible shape.

Leno, who was injured in a car fire at his garage on November 12, 2022, amazed his doctors with how quickly he recovered after nine days in the hospital, according to People. He had received severe second-degree burns to his face and upper torso.

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Ben Napier Also Lost a Significant Amount of Weight in 2018

After the birth of his daughter Helen in January 2018, Ben made the decision to intensify his workout routine and lose weight. Ben, who is 6’6 tall, stated that he comes from “a long line of big men who don’t really discuss their health until it’s an issue” beside an Instagram photo from his childhood that he posted a few weeks after her birth.

One month before turning 60, his father, he wrote, required emergency bypass surgery. Additionally, he revealed to Country Living in January 2019 that his father’s father also underwent open heart surgery and that his mother’s grandfather passed away from a stroke when she was only 17 years old. Ben stated he wanted to attempt to avoid similar health problems given his family’s history.

That same month, Ben revealed to the TODAY Show how he had shed 55 pounds by eating fewer carbohydrates, working out four to five times per week, and playing a lot of hoops. Erin, who told TODAY that she’d been having recurrent nightmares concerning his health, said that the weight drop was a big relief.

“I used to have this recurring dream that we go to the doctor and he tells us Ben’s heart is failing and he doesn’t have much time left,” she admitted. “In one dream, I threw him a ‘going away’ party where everyone he had ever known came to say their goodbyes. I stayed by his side the entire time, keeping my ear to his chest to hear the steady beat of his heart. I would get cold sweats and tears in my eyes when I would wake up.

But she added that Ben’s weight loss in 2018 allayed her worries and that she could now “imagine us old and gray together.”