Best Master’s Degrees in Nursing 2022

As you consider whether a Master’s degree in nursing is a good option for your professional career or not, you will find that there are many options. The right one will help lead you into the career that you desire, giving you the skills and knowledge, as well as the connections, to make it further in this field. 

A Master’s degree in nursing is going to open up a ton of doorways to help you get ahead and really have a career that you will love in the nursing field. Some of the best degrees that you can consider for nursing includes:

The APRN Masters Degree

When you work towards your APRN, there are a lot of different fields that you are able to work with. These can include careers like a Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, a Certified Nurse Midwife, and a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. 

Many nursing students decide to work as a Nurse practitioner. This will provide advanced care to many different types of patients.

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They can also work to independently assess, diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication to their patients. They can also specialize in any type of medical care that they wish after they get this degree.

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Other options that you can choose under the APRN degree will include:

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist: These professionals will serve as a clinical expert in one specialty, such as in acute care or geriatrics. They may also work in a consulting role. 
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist: The CRNA will be able to assess patients before they administer the anesthesia while also monitoring and adjusting medication flow while the patient is under. They can also help with recovery. 
  • Certified Nurse Midwife: These professionals will be able to provide the complete pre and post-natal care for their patients along with some of the necessary labor and delivery services and women’s health care. Many work at a birthing center, though they may work at an office, a hospital, or a private practice. 

MSN Degree Specializations

Best Master’s Degrees in Nursing 2022

The nurse professional will also be able to work with a specialization when they go to get an advanced degree. This can make it easier to pick out the specialty that works the best for your needs. Some of the specializations that you can choose include:

  • Public health: With a public health degree, the professional will be able to pursue a track that is focused on health goals like a healthcare policy or community health. 
  • Clinical Nurse Leaders: These professionals are going to deliver and supervise the bedside care of the patient. They can also work with other members of the team to help improve clinical care.
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    Those who earn an MSN in this should also get a certification through the Commission on Nurse Certification. 
  • Nursing Informatics: With this role, the nurse will work at the intersection between nursing and technology. This professional could help consult on new systems of technology, analyze and build data systems, and write computer programs.
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  • Nurse Administrator: This track is going to prepare a nurse to help manage a team of other healthcare members. They can be the unit manager or another expanded leadership role in the field. If you want to be a manager or help run the facility, then this is the career for you. 
  • Nurse Researcher: For those who are fascinated by studies, the nurse researcher role could be the right one for you. In this career, the nurse will learn to perform, assess, analyze, and even provide recommendations based on their research.

Dual Master’s Degrees

It is also possible for nursing professionals to look into a dual degree to help them further their career more than before. This dual degree allows you to earn the MSN degree along with a concentration in some other specialty if you would like. Some of the examples of degrees that you can use include:

  • MSN/MPA: This is a dual degree for nursing and public administration. 
  • MSN/MHA: This is a dual degree for nursing and health administration
  • MNS/MPH: This is a dual degree for nursing and public health. 
  • MSN/MBA: This is a dual degree for nursing and business. 

These dual degrees will allow the professional to be better prepared for the career that they would like to pursue. It can put them in a unique position to take over some major roles that may not have been possible before.

Healthcare Administration Master’s Degrees

Best Master’s Degrees in Nursing 2022

In addition to going for an MSN degree, it is possible for nurses to look at pursuing a degree in the healthcare administration route. For nurses who want to move beyond the bedside or who would like to take on more of a leadership or administration role, this is a great path to take. 

For those who would like a larger leadership role in their career, having a Healthcare Administration Master’s Degree is the best choice. There are two main degrees that you can choose in this field. They include:

  • Masters of Healthcare Administration: This degree will focus mainly on topics that are specific to the healthcare field, like understanding the operations and functioning of healthcare and how to handle an executive level role in the facility. 
  • Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Management: The MBA is going to focus on a general business leadership role as well as having a focus on healthcare administration. 

Both of these can be great options for the nurse to pursue, though the MBA will often have a broader focus on the curriculum and can help the student learn more different things as well. The MBA is going to help a nurse get the best understanding of general business and financial practices, rather than just the business needs of the healthcare industry.

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Choosing a Master’s Degree in Nursing in 2022

There are so many reasons to choose to go for that advanced degree in nursing, and 2022 is the perfect year to get started. Take a look at all of the great options above and see which nursing degree will be the right one for you.