The Best Record Players That Music Lovers Must Know About

The music industry continues to evolve every day and so do the musical instruments. Today, music is largely digital however, there are still music lovers who seek sounds on vinyl. Record players are still very much in play for music fans and they don’t mind spending money on high-quality devices. Even though you can create your own music on digital apps with the help of Cox TV packages, the fact remains that record players have a class of their own.

From college students to homeowners and musicians to listeners, record players are still popular. If you have an interest in them, here are some of the best record players available in 2021:

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO

This record player is definitely one of the best right now. It is available for approximately $600 on and weighs slightly more than 17 pounds. Operating on a DC motor, it comes with many extra features that you will not find on other record players. If you like to play music using a USB connection then there is good news for you. This device has a USB port to allow you to directly play tracks. 

Apart from this, the record player has a very modern yet minimalistic look and feel. It has a house-made cartridge, a metal plate, and a carbon-fiber tonearm. Needless to say, this record player will allow you to relive the memories of the past. Make sure to play the classics to have a great time. 

Rega Planar 3

This device is also one of the most popular record players available. It was released in 2016 but is still regarded as one of the highly advanced and sophisticated devices out there. It only weighs 13.2 pounds and comes with a 24v low-noise motor. Apart from this, the device roughly costs almost $1,000 and you can buy it from Audio Advice. 

Rega is one of the most popular companies in the sound industry. They are noted for making the best turntables. Rest assured that you will enjoy a very crystal clear and crisp sound with the help of this record player. It is very easy to use and comes with a very elegant design. You can also customize it by upgrading the device which is available in many different colors and is quite aesthetically appealing. You can place it in your living room and also install a cartridge by spending a little more on the device.

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB

This is another record player that comes with the direct drive motor type and built-in phono amp. It only weighs 17.5 pounds. You will be surprised to know that the device only costs roughly $300 from For music lovers who just want to experience record players, this device is a great offering. It is durable and you can easily upgrade it.

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Furthermore, the device can play records at speeds of 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPMs. 

Do note that this device is fully manual in comparison to the devices mentioned above. However, with the help of the phono preamp, you can listen to soundtracks on speakers, headphones, and modern stereo systems, Also, since the device has a USB port, you can plug it into the computer and convert your records into digital files.

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Fluance RT81

This device only weighs 14.1 pounds and comes with an AC motor. It also has a built-in phono amp. Apart from this, it is only available for $249.99 from This turntable will help you get very good sound quality for its cost-effective price.

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It is available in three colors and it’ll look beautiful along with your home décor.

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You can also use the Audio-Technica cartridges along with this record player.

These are some of the best record players available in 2021 that you can buy to relive the classics or even enjoy modern music. Make sure to buy a device that best matches your needs and is within your budget.