Best-selling Apple MacBook on Amazon is on sale at 150 euros!

Apple recently introduced a new set of portable computers, Apple MacBook Pro from 10″ and 16″ inches. Both notebooks come equipped with one of two new processors, the M1 Pro and M1 Max. However, for users who don’t need mind-blowing performance and have a more modest budget, the MacBook Air from 2020 are still excellent investments for any user.

With the presence of the M1 processor, the MacBook Air can guarantee a level of performance high performance for any type of user. After all, it’s no accident that this has become Apple’s best-selling computer on Amazon Spain.

Now you can take advantage of the Amazon Spain discount that allows you to save 151 euros on the purchase of the MacBook Air (M1), costing only €1200,150 with fast and free delivery. It is true that this price may still be a little beyond the reach of many users, but there is no doubt that it is an excellent offer.

Another very important detail is that you will be able to select the keyboard Portuguese QWERTY.

Apple MacBook Air M1 2020

Apple MacBook Air with the M1 processor is a performance beast

Although it’s Apple’s least flashy line of notebook computers , don’t be fooled by the MacBook Air’s compact format with the M1 processor.

As far as performance is concerned, it can handle anything you can throw at it. On a daily basis, you’ll be able to run dozens of applications simultaneously, including Adobe Photoshop, Apple Music and Google Chrome (loaded with tabs), and the laptop works as if nothing happened.

É It is also important to remember that this notebook arrives without any fan, which is reflected in a user experience 39% silent.

Finally, I must highlight the incredible autonomy of the MacBook Air (M1), which can easily withstand a day of work (medium intensity) in just one load.

With a final price of €700,99, go be almost impossible to find a laptop that offers this level of performance and longevity at Apple’s level.

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