Top 10 Vegan Food Blogs You Should Follow

Sometimes it seems like there are more vegan bloggers and vloggers on the internet than there are stars in the sky, which can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed when determining which vegan bloggers are the greatest fit for your dietary tastes, budget, and personality.
So, in an effort to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled this list of incredible vegan food blogs and video blogs.
Now, don’t get us wrong – it was really challenging to select our top 20! However, we felt that these twenty speakers represented a wide variety of vegan voices and specialisations. Additionally, we identified blogs that satisfied three essential criteria.

Top Vegan Blog Picks Criteria:

  1. They had to be delicious fool-proof recipes
  2. We eat with our eyes first, so it was important to have stunning photography that has you drooling on your keyboard and makes you want to reach through the screen and grab the fork.
  3. Consistent content is important. There were some awesome food blogs from the past that no longer come out with regular fresh content. We love to see the inspiring new creative dishes coming into our feed from the food bloggers we follow!

Ultimately, you’ll want to search for food blogs that resonate with your cooking style and preferences. For example, we at World of Vegan focus on 100% vegan comfort food recipes that seldom require specialty ingredients. We love featuring veganized versions of classic recipes that are traditionally made with animal products.

If you’re someone who likes experimenting with bold new ingredients, like jackfruit or kombucha, or who has food allergies, you can always find blogs that cater to your needs.

1. Sweet Simple Vegan

Why We Adore Them: Sweet Simple Vegan is as delightful as its name suggests; Jasmine and Chris strive to make healthful vegan dishes that are accessible to cooks of all backgrounds and skill levels. In addition to exquisite recipes, Sweet Simple Vegan provides lifestyle reviews and suggestions for vegans, such as travel guides to Aruba and holiday gift guides.
  • You want accessible vegan recipes that are chock-full of flavor
  • You want a blog with a healthy mix of recipe and lifestyle information

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2. From My Bowl

Despite the fact that From My Bowl is a relatively new blog in the online vegan community, she has established herself as a reliable voice for vegans who want to follow a plant-based and cruelty-free diet that isn’t expensive or boring, but who also understand the importance of indulging occasionally.
In addition to providing delicious vegan dishes, several of my From My Bowl recipes cater to specific dietary requirements, such as being grain-free or gluten-free. Occasionally, From My Bowl includes vegan lifestyle advice and reviews, such as food diaries from her travels and vegan wellness recommendations.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You want vegan food that doesn’t have an ingredient list a mile long, but which doesn’t skimp on flavor, either
  • You want a mix of vegan diet and lifestyle advice

3. It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Why We Admire Them: It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken is the place to go for fuss-free vegan recipes that prove simple recipes can be just as tasty as their more elaborate counterparts. Even better, It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken also includes vegan recipes for vegans with other dietary restrictions, such as avoiding oil or gluten.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You want vegan recipes with ingredients you recognize and can purchase at virtually any grocery store
  • You vegan recipe and lifestyle inspiration from someone who was initially “bummed” to go vegan

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4. The Little Blog of Vegan

Why We Cherish Them: This baking-focused blog by UK-based 22-year-old Holly Jade is the epitome of food fetishism. Her baking recipes are beautiful, inventive, and artistically created, and are certain to inspire you to elevate your cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, pies, macarons, and beyond.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You’re looking for vegan baking inspiration
  • You appreciate stunning food photography and soft, blight aesthetic

5. Vegan Yack Attack

Vegan Yack Attack is one of the longest-running vegan food blogs available, and it’s easy to understand why with recipes like Air Fryer BBQ lentil meatballs and buffalo chickpea ranch pizza. The majority of the recipes on Vegan Yack Attack tend toward American and Southwestern cuisine, but with hundreds of tasty recipes, there is something for everyone. Vegans who know their way around the kitchen and like flavor-packed dishes must visit Vegan Yack Attack.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You enjoy American-inspired and Southwestern-inspired recipes
  • You’re comfortable cooking recipes that are a little more intensive or require specialty ingredients

6. Plant-Based on a Budget

Why We Adore Them: Complete disclaimer, Toni Okimoto, our great friend and all-around amazing vegan, runs the website Plant-Based on a Budget. But if you’re a vegan on a shoestring budget, Plant-Based on a Budget is where you should shop. All of Toni’s recipes contain ingredients that are readily available at moderate prices, especially if purchased in bulk, yet have the flavour and nutritional value of meals prepared with a considerably larger food budget.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You’re a vegan shopping on a tight food budget
  • You’re looking for delicious but no-frills vegan recipes that vegans of any cooking skill level can make

7. The Buddhist Chef

Why We Cherish Them: The Buddhist Cook, run by a classically-trained chef, provides vegan and cruelty-free meals that are everything from mundane. The Buddhist Chef’s recipes, which include vegan creme brulee, portobello steaks, and sushi balls, are wonderfully tasty and surprisingly simple in terms of ingredients.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You prefer vegan recipes that are insanely delicious but not too complicated to prepare
  • You want vegan recipes that are practically guaranteed to be delicious (they were designed by a classically-trained chef, after all)

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Why We Love Them: BOSH’s mission is really clear: “We’re here to help everyone eat more plants!” But at Bosh, you won’t find simple salads and small bowls of oats; instead, you’ll get mouth-watering meals such as PB&J French toast and bacon cheeseburger hasselback potatoes! Many of the BOSH recipes can be lengthy in terms of ingredients or cooking stages, but trust us, they’re well worth the effort!

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You’re looking for innovative restaurant-quality vegan recipes to spice up your diet
  • You want to spice up your meals with something a little more complicated but a heck of a lot more flavorful

9. Oh She Glows

Oh She Glows is one of the oldest vegan food blogs available, and for good reason – all of her recipes are incredible! Many of the recipes in Oh She Glows exclude common allergies. If you believe that adopting a vegan diet is an insurmountable obstacle, you will find Angela’s tale (and material!) to be incredibly motivating.

You’ll Like Them If:

  • You want veganized versions of your favorite classic (often American-style) recipes
  • You’re interested in recipes that would appeal to all members of your family as you transition to a vegan lifestyle

10. Hot for Food

Why We Adore Them: Hot for Food has mastered the art of crafting comfort dishes that continually surprise the palate. From a white chocolate cranberry dessert casserole to golden beet pastrami reuben style sandwiches, Hot For Cuisine is the place to go for twists on the classics as well as the newest food trends.

You’ll Like It If:

  • You’re fine cooking recipes that are time-intensive or long in terms of ingredients
  • You are looking to make your vegan a little more “exciting”