Bethany Mota Net Worth of a Young Professional during their Early Years

bethany mota net worth

Video blogger Bethany Mota is worth $7 million in the United States. Macbarbie07 is Mota’s YouTube channel, where she showcases her fashion purchases and provides tutorials on how to style your hair and make-up. In 2009, Bethany launched her YouTube channel, which now has 9.6 million subscribers.

In 2014, Mota released the single “Need You Right Now,” which peaked at #30 on the Danish top 40 (Tracklisting) chart. In 2013, she launched a line of clothing, accessories, and perfume at Aéropostale.

In 2014, Bethany and Derek Hough competed in “Dancing with the Stars,” where they came in fourth place. In 2017, Mota released the book “Make Your Mind Up: My Guide to Finding Your Own Style, Life, and Motivation!” She has also gone on “Motavatours” to meet her fans and has signed autographs. In 2017, Mota was included in Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30: Art & Style” list.

Early life

bethany mota net worth

A girl named Bethany Noel Mota was born on November 7th, 1996, to parents Tony and Tammy Mota in the state of California, United States of America. The majority of her education was completed at home rather than in a traditional school setting; however, she did go to a public school from third to sixth grade. She took acting and dancing classes in high school. Brittany, her older sister, grew up with them in California, where they both had a happy childhood.

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After creating her YouTube channel in 2009, Bethany Mota, like many other typical teenage girls, began posting haul videos in June of that year, which quickly made her an internet sensation. She was approached by a number of companies to feature their products as YouTube marketing became more popular.

She was dubbed the “passionate woman with an ambivalent personality” by Business Insider back in 2009. To further promote her YouTube channel and increase her fan base, she begins awarding prizes to those who promote her videos. Additionally, she has her own YouTube channel, where she posts videos about her interests.

After launching a fashion line at Aeropostale in December 2013, she collaborated with Forever 21 and J.C. Penney to launch a clothing and perfume collection. Profits and margins for the collection have risen significantly, according to Forbes in June 2014.

However, Need You Right Now, which she released with music producer Jim Tompkins on October 13, 2014, and which did not make the Billboard top 100, was included in the Danish top 40 lists.


Dominic Sandoval is Bethany’s boyfriend. Her boyfriend, known online as D-Trix, is a professional dancer and a member of the Quest Crew, which won America’s Best Dance Crew competition. Since then, the two have been dating. Bethany posted a picture of the two of them writing on the occasion of their third anniversary.

bethany mota net worth

Net Worth

As a result of bullying, Bethany decided to start her own YouTube channel in 2009, which led to her becoming a successful video blogger. Bethany’s YouTube channel quickly grew in subscribers, and her popularity grew as well.

In the wake of this, she vowed to continue making videos and expressing her thoughts. As a result of this activity, Mota’s fortune has grown significantly, and she now has a global fan base, including her own, that aids in the promotion of her videos.

Soon after her initial success, Bethany received invitations to work with such companies as “Forever 21” and “JCPenney”. In 2013 Bethany created her own clothing line, and this had a huge impact on the growth of Mota’s net worth.

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Further along in her very varied career, she embarked on a tour called the “Motavatour”, across the US in January 2014, simply to meet and talk to fans, and in March of the same year hosted the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for Entertainment Tonight.

“Need You Right Now” was Bethany’s first solo single, and it was a big success, so there’s a good chance she’ll release more singles in the future. On top of all of that, Mota was a regular on hit reality shows like “Project Runway” and “Dancing with the Stars” in 2014, where she danced with pro-Derek Hough. Because of these appearances, Bethany’s wealth and fame have grown.

Bethany hasn’t been linked romantically yet, according to gossip about her private life. Mota recently became a brand ambassador for UNICEF Kid Power as a Kid Power Champion in her philanthropic endeavors.


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