American Actress Betty White Net Worth, Career, Awards And Other Less Known Facts

As Betty White’s admirers mourn her loss, how much money did she have when she died?

The recent news of the death of iconic actress Betty White, who died on December 31 from natural causes, shocked Hollywood and the rest of the globe. She was 99 years old.

A glance back at the actress’ career, personal life, and wealth may be of interest to those who knew and loved her.

White Betty Net Worth

How Much Is Betty White's House Worth? Everything We Know About Her Carmel, California, Home

Throughout her long career, Betty White was adored by her admirers and colleagues alike. One admirer even started a GoFundMe account after a string of celebrity deaths in 2016 to help him keep White from becoming yet another victim of the year’s tragedies.

A testament to White’s ubiquity, his campaign raised $9,245 in just five days. According to sources, she has a net worth of $75 million.

“Password” game show host White has been widowed since her third husband Allen Ludden died of stomach cancer in 1981.

When she appeared on “Larry King Live” in 2010 and said, “When you have the greatest, who needs the rest?” However, she was Ludden’s stepmother to his three children despite never having had any children of her own.

Dick Barker, a U.S. Army pilot, married White in 1945, and Lane Allen, a Hollywood agent, married White in 1947.

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White’s Unwavering Commitment to Animal Welfare

Betty White Net Worth: How Did She Spend Her Money? - The Teal Mango

White, who describes herself as a “animal health and well-being advocate,” has been a lifelong animal lover. Since 1971, she has served as a trustee of the Morris Animal Foundation, among many other duties.

For many years, White supported The Seeing Eye, an organization that breeds and trains guide dogs for the blind.

Since Pontiac’s skin issue was too pricey for most pet owners, she adopted him from one of her animal organizations instead of finding a new home for the golden retriever.

Her agent Jeff Witjas claims that White declined to adopt another animal because she feared that the animal would outlast her.

Spectacular Career in Show Business

Betty White's Net Worth Is $75 Million (Updated For 2020)

Rose Nylund, the character White played on “The Golden Girls,” was a well-known one for White, who portrayed her from 1985 to 1992. The oldest cast member, she lived longer than any of her contemporaries.

Aside from “Hot in Cleveland,” where she played Elka Ostrovsky, she was also known for her roles as Sue Ann Nivens on “Mary Tyler Moore.”

“The Betty White Show” aired for one season in the 1970s. A successful viral Facebook campaign helped White land the hosting role on “Saturday Night Live” in 2010.

In addition to her work on television, White also appeared in a number of motion pictures during the course of her career.

“Bringing Down the House,” “The Proposal,” and “The Lorax” are just a few examples. White racked up a slew of on-screen appearances totaling more than 120.

Awards & Recognition

Betty White Net Worth: How Did She Spend Her Money? - The Teal Mango

White, an award-winning actress, has garnered countless accolades over the course of her career. She was nominated for 21 Emmys between 1951 and 2014.

Mary Tyler Moore, The Golden Girls, The John Larroquette Show, and Saturday Night Live all gave her five Emmys.

For her role on “Hot in Cleveland,” White received the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award in 2010 and two further SAG Awards in 2011 and 2012.

Additionally, she was nominated for four Golden Globe Awards, all for her role in “The Golden Girls.”