Big Brother Controversy- Did Paloma Leave the Game Because of Taylor?

The original Dutch reality show of the same name, produced by John de Mol in 1997, served as the inspiration for the American television reality competition series Big Brother. The protagonist of George Orwell’s 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four gives the series its name.

The American adaptation of the Big Brother franchise, which premiered on July 5, 2000 ,on CBS, is currently the adaptation with the second-longest run overall, behind the Spanish version.

Taylor Hale Bullying Drama, Racism Controversy Explained

Big Brother’s 24th season has already begun with excessive drama. Strong cliques have developed and claims of racism and racial bias have already made headlines one week after the new group of 16 housemates moved in.

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Taylor Hale, a 27-year-old personal stylist and former Miss Michigan USA, has been the subject of rumours and bullying that have many fans and former Big Brother contestants criticising the actions of several houseguests. This is the main target of some fans’ ire.

It was even more shocking to see some of this season’s Black contestants treated unfavourably so quickly after season 23’s historic victory by The Cookout, an alliance of the season’s Black houseguests who stuck together for the sole purpose of ensuring one of them became the show’s first-ever Black champion.

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Here’s a look at all the early-season controversies roiling around the Big Brother house before the first eviction even takes place, from the season’s first Head of Household making some contentious chopping block nominations to the in-house behaviour that caused Taylor to break down in tears on the livestream.

Why Is Taylor Getting Bullied on Big Brother?

After the July 7 premiere, Daniel Durston was appointed as the first Head of Household, which was when it all began. He and the other competitors quickly made Taylor a target, and they excluded her from the group that week.

Before the second episode even aired, viewers who follow the show’s 24/7 live feeds compiled excerpts of numerous houseguests’ comments about Taylor, leading them to be accused of microaggressions and bullying against the 27-year-old contestant.

Daniel was overheard saying to fellow inhabitant Nicole Layog, “The minute I saw her, I knew it was going to be bad news,” leading some fans to believe he made a snap judgement about her appearance without any basis in fact.

The house’s treatment of Taylor was led by house guest Paloma Aguilar, who quickly grew close to most of the competitors. According to the Big Brother Daily updates account, Paloma claimed Taylor “scares the sh*t out of me” and everyone else in an episode where she was heard calling Taylor a “lying bitch.”

Another video showed contestant Monte Taylor criticising her for moving around the house in the dress she referred to as her “finale dress” and claiming she had trouble relating to people.

Others have made the implication that Taylor was “aggressive,” with Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli—who was later evicted—saying that Taylor would “show her true colours” if she were put up for eviction. In addition, Terrance Howard claimed that she possessed “the attitude that gets you kicked out of the house.”

Taylor’s online supporters, however, have argued that there are no instances of her engaging in such behaviour and have accused them of using racist language.

Kyland Young and Derek Frazier, contestants from Season 23 who have watched the game so far, told The Daily Beast that they haven’t noticed her acting in this manner. Later, Taylor was seen sobbing by herself while watching the live feeds.

Ironically, Daniel seemed concerned that nominating Taylor for eviction over Terrance, another Black house guest, might give off the impression that he is racist.

He told Monte, “Dude, I’m fcked if people think I’m fcking racist when I leave this house. In her follow-up statement, Paloma said, “A lot of people are like, ‘It’s f**ked up to put two Black people on the block or vote two Black people out of the house,’ like Taylor then Terrance, but I don’t see it that way.

Taylor was unjustly terminated, as was to be expected. However, she was ultimately spared when Paloma quit the contest hours before the live eviction and the show decided not to evict any housemates that week.

Did Paloma Leave the Game Because of Taylor?

Paloma defended her actions in an interview with US Weekly after self-evicting. She remarked, “It’s crazy how people jump to conclusions with the whole racist bit. Please don’t stop hyping up Taylor; we’re actually good friends. QUEEN that she is.

The San Diego native claimed that she grew close to Taylor toward the end of her time in the house and that the show failed to reflect that.

She complained, “The problem is they cut the opening clips and ran with it.” Unfortunately, our conversation about that wasn’t broadcast. “She didn’t try to ally with any of the girls.”

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Paloma claimed in an Instagram post that the show was edited “to fit a narrative for ‘good TV'” and that she left because of a “ongoing mental health battle” that started during the game. Although Paloma left the game, Taylor’s harassment continued.

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