Big-Budget Film ‘Bogota’ Features Megabox Plus M’s Busan Sales Slate!

Megabox Plus M, a division of Korea’s J Contentree listed company, presented a sales slate at Busan that was headlined by “Bogota: City of the Lost,” one of the most expensive Korean films ever made.

Production on the crime drama “Bogota” lasted 21 months, beginning in January 2020. However, the film was quickly canceled due to the spread of the deadly virus known as C.

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O.V.I.D. In “Space Sweepers,” starring Song Joong Ki, Ki plays a young man who moves to Colombia with his family in search of a better life but ends up living in poverty.

Later, he manages to rise to the top of Bogota’s criminal hierarchy despite enormous odds. Director Kim Seong-Je (“The Unfair”) and co-star Lee Hee-jun (“The Drug King”) star in this film.

Promoting “Don’t Buy The Seller,” a thriller directed by Kim Hee-gon (“Fengshui”) that could make you think twice about buying used goods from apps.

The protagonist, played by Shin Hae-sun, goes to the police to report the seller of a broken washing machine, only to find out that the man is a psychotic serial killer.

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Due to the ongoing difficulties caused by the pandemic and its effects on the Korean film industry, the company launched both titles at the Cannes Market. The release dates for either film in Korea are still unknown.

Six of the nine titles it is currently developing were shot before or during COVID, while only three were shot this year. Oh Dabin, Megabox Plus M’s deputy manager of international sales, told Variety, “We have presented several older materials from Cannes 2022.”

 Big-Budget Film 'Bogota' Features Megabox Plus M’s Busan Sales Slate!

The threat of the COVID virus is not yet over. Cinemas in Korea appear to be open again, but we are taking extra precautions when setting the release date,” Oh said.

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Films like “Seoul Spring,” a political drama set in the aftermath of President Park’s assassination, are among this year’s offerings. As a result of the failed coup, tensions rise between the various military heads. Hunt” star Hwang Jung Min, “A Man of Reason” star Jung Woo Sung, “The Man Standing Next” star Lee Sung-min, “Emergency Declaration” star Park Hae-Joon, and “Sinkhole” star Kim Sung-Kyun round out the stellar male cast.

Also included is “Resonance,” a tale of two musicians who share a brilliant career together until they are torn apart by unforeseen circumstances.

Kim Dong-hee (“Extracurricular” on Netflix) and Jin Sun-kyu (“Space Sweepers”); and “Escape,” an action drama film in which a sergeant attempting to escape to the south from a North Korean military camp is stopped by his comrades.