‘Big Sis’ Carmen Gives Baby Ilaria a Foot Massage During Bath Time in Hilaria Baldwin’s Photo

Carmen Gabriela Baldwin, Alec and Hilaria’s 9-year-old daughter, loves to assist at home.

Baldwin, the mother of seven, updates fans on life with newborn daughter Ilaria Catalina Irena.
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The baby was born on September 22.

On Wednesday, Hilaria posted a cute snapshot on her Instagram Story of her sister Carmen helping to bathe baby Ilaria, stating, “Baby Ila loves baths.” She wrote, “And big sis does good spa foot massages,” at the picture’s bottom.

On August 23, just days before her younger sibling was born, Carmen turned nine years old.
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Her mother had previously shown pictures of Carmen during her birthday supper, where she wore a full face of makeup, press-on nails, and a pair of black closed-toe shoes.

After welcoming their seventh child, Ilaria, Maria Lucia Victoria, and Carmen join their parents’ brood of seven children, including sons Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas, 2, Romeo Alejandro David, 4, Leonardo ngel Charles, 6, and Rafael Thomas, 7, and daughters Ilaria, Maria Lucia Victoria, 18 months, and Carmen.

With another photo posted to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, Baldwin poked fun at the size of her brood.

'Big Sis' Carmen Gives Baby Ilaria a Foot Massage During Bath Time in Hilaria Baldwin's Photo

She captioned a photo of herself breastfeeding with, “Yo nursing for the millionth time.”

In an open letter to her newborn daughter last week, Hilaria admitted that she was “exhausted” from “trying to juggle” her expanding family.

Besides posting a video of Ilaria on Instagram, the author wrote, “Trying to be as good parents as possible to your siblings, trying to be as present and active as possible.

Hilaria Baldwin’s acknowledged the difficulty of juggling her many responsibilities, saying, “trying to have compassion for my body that just delivered a baby” was a “challenging balance” she “don’t believe I do very well.”


“It pulls at my heart in such a horrible way when I feel I’m not giving enough to all my children,” she wrote.

“The experience of motherhood is both miraculous and challenging, and every mother knows the feeling of never quite measuring up.

Every mother has learned the hard way that sometimes you simply have to grit your teeth and keep going. I hope to make a difference for you and your sisters and other women everywhere.