Bill Cosby Addresses the Nation on The One-Year Anniversary of His Release from Prison!

Bill Cosby Addresses the Nation on The One-Year Anniversary of His Release from Prison!

On the year anniversary of his sex conviction being overturned, Bill Cosby is speaking out. The comedian and actor’s 2018 conviction was quashed, and he was released from a Pennsylvania prison, exactly one year ago today. According to Andrew Wyatt, the 84-year-spokesperson, old’s the occasion will be marked by a party. In a brand-new 22-minute film, he also breaks his silence regarding his stay in the SCI Phoenix jail.

In the #MeToo era, Cosby was the first famous person to be tried and found guilty. The Cosby Show star was accused of sexual misbehavior by 60 women, but Andrea Constand, a worker at Temple University, claimed he drugged and attacked her in 2004. 14 years later, he was found guilty and given a prison term ranging from 3 to 10 years.

On June 30, 2021, in an unexpected turn of events, the court declared that “America’s Dad” had been wrongfully prosecuted since the prior district attorney had assured Cosby he wouldn’t be punished in relation to Constand’s allegations. Cosby was thus allowed to go free.

Cosby discussed how he was sound sleeping on the cot in his cell, which he called “the penthouse,” when he unexpectedly received word that he would be released right away in the new video, which can be seen on Wyatt’s Instagram page.

He Asked the Guards, “What Is It, Juneteenth?” in a Lighthearted Manner

Cosby described it as a frenzy in which numerous guards ordered him to get up and depart right away. Cosby, who was a member of the general population, remembered that someone put his shower shoes, which were provided by the prison, on the incorrect feet at first and left the cell, where a wheelchair was waiting for him.

Bill Cosby Addresses the Nation on The One-Year Anniversary of His Release from Prison!

Cosby, who is legally blind, remembered there was initially stillness when he was wheeled out. “Then all of a sudden, I hear something in time — this is group clapping; not the kind of applause you get at the beginning or halfway of your concert. They were all clapping. Clap, clap, clap, clap. I found that to be quite emotional,” he remarked.

Murderers, rapists, bank robbers, and wife beaters, according to Cosby, “were all clapping” for him. Many were prisoners he interacted with while taking part in various prison programs.

He attended Mann-Up and FACT, both of which were run by an inmate by the name of Popcorn. Cosby has previously discussed how he helped other Black prisoners while he was incarcerated by giving speeches at these groups’ reunions.

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After being informed that his car was ready, Cosby was permitted to leave the house and enter his vehicle unrestrained for the first time in two years and ten months. Wyatt was the driver in the footage during his journey home.

“Your wife got you released from prison,” With reference to Camille, whom he married in 1964, Wyatt was seen telling him. “Yeah, I know my wife did it. There is no doubt that she did it.

Observations from the way home from prison revealed that Cosby was instantly interested in Wyatt’s reaction to hearing about his freedom. Wyatt claimed to have found out about it the night before; Cosby was taken completely off guard, he claimed.

Cosby declared, “I’m a free man, you know,” and expressed relief at no longer having to report as a sex offender. According to him, “the media made a lot of money” off of him.

In addition, he was reflecting on the folks he had met while serving a sentence and who he was now leaving behind, telling one of them how he wanted to be his hero. “I hope so dude, I hope so,” I kept saying.

Bill Cosby Addresses the Nation on The One-Year Anniversary of His Release from Prison!

Cosby said that he would walk inside first and “just rest a sec” because “my heart… It’s just heavy” when he arrived at his home, where a media frenzy was waiting. Wyatt advised Cosby to make a fist-raising motion toward the journalists via the window. Instead, he rehearsed making the “V” symbol for victory, which he eventually displayed during the press conference.

Cosby explained to Yahoo why he chose to speak out about his release on the first anniversary in a statement. He declared, “When I think about those individuals who will never be forgotten by me, hope and inspiration come to mind. Although several of them referred to me as their “HERO,” they actually became me.

His release, of course, stunned Hollywood and his numerous detractors, who are still cheering him on. And his legal issues continued after that. A California jury concluded earlier this month that Cosby sexually assaulted Judy Huth in 1975 at the Playboy Mansion when she was a minor.

Huth, now 64, received a $50,000 prize. Despite the fact that 60 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault, this was the first civil case to go to trial. Cosby, who insisted that no sexual contact took place, was not present during the trial.

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