Billy Joel’s Weight Loss Transformation: Piano Man Sheds the Pounds!

An American singer, pianist, and songwriter by the name of William Martin Joel. He has had a financially successful career as a solo artist since the 1970s, releasing 12 pop and rock studio albums from 1971 to 1993 as well as one studio album of classical compositions in 2001.

He is known as the “Piano Man” after his signature song of the same name. With more than 160 million records sold globally, he is one of the best-selling musicians of all time, the seventh-best recording artist, and the fourth-best solo artist in the United States. One of the best-selling albums in the US is his compilation CD Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & 2, which was released in 1985.

Billy Joel Weight Loss Transformation

Billy Joel's Weight Loss

Billy Joel underwent significant back surgery and then shed roughly 50 pounds. Although he said that Joel’s weight reduction was not entirely purposeful, Joel chose to accept it. Joel entirely lost his appetite because the back surgery’s discomfort and suffering were so severe. On The Howard Stern Show, he said the following:

Billy Joel started eating less since he lost his appetite following back surgery. Joel is content with the results despite the unintentional weight reduction. Therefore, a significant factor in Billy Joel’s weight loss transformation of roughly fifty pounds was his recuperation from back surgery.

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The legend eventually made a full recovery from his surgery, but as he ages, Joel occasionally has various illnesses and limitations. Joel didn’t divulge his weight reduction transformation diet or exercise routine. The celebrity mostly attributes his 50-pound weight loss to the back surgery he had in 2021.

Billy Joel recently remarked on growing older and his general health in an interview with Rolling Stone. He never shared his peers’ belief that the best way to regain young was to dye his hair or engage in similar behavior. Joel has never really made an effort to hide his age because he accepts aging as a natural part of life. He added these thoughts:

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Billy Joel Shows Off 50-Pound Weight Loss Onstage

Billy Joel's Weight Loss

Billy Joel, who has been a resident at Madison Square Garden since 2014, arrived at his first concert there following the epidemic on November 5 around 50 pounds lighter. The 72-year-old musician who has lost weight revealed to Howard Stern last month that his shrinking body was an unforeseen consequence of back surgery.

“I had back surgery early this year, and the pain was so bad afterward I lost my appetite,” he admitted to Stern. “I accepted that I said, ‘OK, I won’t eat as much,’ and I ate less and less and less until there was just life annoyance, which, you know, tends to affect your appetite too.”

I had started to get a little chunky, the married father of three continued. I was pleased with my weight loss.