Bitcoin Era: the ideal tool for beginners and experts in cryptocurrencies?

It has been noticed for some time that cryptocurrencies show no signs of slowing down and promise to increasingly revolutionize the way we look at money and investment, with the advantage of decentralization that translates into freeing the shackles of Central banks and regular regulatory bodies.

After the boom of the famous Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies emerged and formed an investment market with potential for considerable profits capable of being explored by any interested party, regardless of their financial literacy. Of course, as with all investments, there are associated risks, which should be considered by all those who have already dived or are thinking of diving into this financial “new world” that so much ink has been running.

The most novices and less familiar with the ins and outs of “trading” – all types of transactions, whether in cash or cryptocurrencies – now have at their disposal several tools that promise to help boost profits. This can be done, for example, through complex software mechanisms based on algorithms that derive from the knowledge about trading acquired over time by its leading experts.

After all, what is Bitcoin Era?

One of the tools used in this new market for cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin Era, a platform that allows users to transact in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, using what those responsible call algorithm innovative, able to analyze market fluctuations and place your customers in advantageous positions to obtain profits with an accuracy better than 99%.

There are several platforms of this kind, each with its own peculiarities, but the great advantage of Bitcoin Era is the specialized analysis and the possibility for the user to manage automatic transaction mechanisms, thus avoiding the inconvenience and expense of time with the fundamental analysis to the market structure.

The data analyzed by Bitcoin Era are collected and processed in real time, generating signals with a high possibility of profit creation, being possible to resort to various strategies depending on the risk profile of potential investors. This is a user-friendly platform, as it also offers three main features:

  • Demonstration Transactions

    : using virtual currency, the user is able to maneuver the market, carry out fictitious transactions to better prepare for real money investments and learn trading basics that will allow you to move to one of the next levels.

    Automatic Transactions

    : The user is asked to enter just a few basic settings, the software being responsible for the rest. Perfect for those who don’t have as much time to do market analysis or don’t yet have the necessary knowledge to make informed autonomous decisions.

  • Manual Transactions

    : targeting more experienced users, this level is only recommended for who have already done some kind of research on the cryptocurrency market and are able to autonomously analyze the particularities of this market.

    Criptomoedas Bitcoin Era

    Before diving into this type of investment, it should be noted that cryptocurrencies are not affected by the same type of factors that affect conventional financial markets. Cryptos can, however, be the target of another type of external influence such as the law of supply and demand – the more people interested in and buying a cryptocurrency, the greater its value. The more people who sell a crypto, the lower its value.

    Although cryptocurrencies are free from the control of government agencies, there are always regulatory activities that ensure the proper functioning of the market and that can also have a considerable influence on it.

    Bitcoin was in the Cryptocurrency market

    Criptomoedas Bitcoin Era

    Bitcoin Era proposes a more simplistic approach and takes the analysis of all these constraints off the shoulders of the potential investor. According to its creators, the platform is built around some of the best hidden secrets by the best


    in the world, being able to match the cryptocurrencies with the highest profit potential to maximize user earnings.

    The platform emphasizes security as one of the main attributes that place it at the forefront of this market. The algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning seems to be really capable of making an in-depth analysis of market trends, putting data capable of boosting their profits in the hands of customers.

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    Criptomoedas Bitcoin Era