Angela “Blac Chyna” White Disavows Plastic Surgery Permanently: “Finished with It, Y’all.” It’s Over’

The model told Tamron Hall in an interview, “This is me now. I want to use my legal name now.” The former Blac Chyna model is embracing her natural side!

Angela White, Chyna’s official name, which she now prefers to use, stated that she is finished undergoing any more plastic surgery treatments during an interview with talk show presenter Tamron Hall on Thursday.

White, 34, said, “I’m done with it, y’all. No more.” White, who recently videotaped the removal of her face fillers as well as her breast and butt implants, said, “Insecurities and, honestly, what was sort of in at that point,” when Hall questioned her about why she had decided to have cosmetic surgery done.

She said, “Being in the business, you want to build this image of yourself to seem beautiful. “And there is nothing like it. Nothing like that.”

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Angela 'Blac Chyna' White Swears Off Plastic Surgery for Good: 'Done with It, Y'all. No More'

During the time I was 18 to 24 years old, I spent six years as an exotic dancer, White added. And being at the gentleman’s club or a strip club… I’m thinking, “Alright, that’s not it,” as I look at the [other] women and myself. This won’t bring in any money. I had pressure from wanting to build my physique quickly when I should have waited until I was older because “This is not going to do it.”

“At 19, your physique hasn’t fully matured at age 18. It was the golden ticket, she said, and I wasn’t thinking about it or being told right from wrong by anyone. About [the health hazards], I had no worries at all.

When asked why she decided to undo her different operations, White said, “A lot was going on in my life, honestly. I was being tied to so many unpleasant things that I felt like they would have an impact on my day-to-day existence and other aspects of it, as well as my body, soul, and mind.

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White revealed that in addition to changing how she views herself, she has also been trimming back on activities that “I didn’t want to do anymore” in general and stopping her OnlyFans. She said, “I simply never was outspoken about it,” adding that she had been “quietly withdrawing.”

She disclosed that she’d had unlicensed doctors administer her illegal silicone injections when she was 19 in a recent interview with Access Hollywood about her “spiritual enlightenment” that led to undoing her cosmetic operations.

She said, “This is a real person doing it. They’re giving you the substance that they’re doing. They won’t mention the possibility of your death to you.

White, who has a son named King Cairo, 10, and a daughter named Dream Renée Kardashian, 6, with Rob Kardashian, said of her evolution: “I’m over that time.