Blake Lively, Kept Secret of Her 4th Baby. Sources Said It Was “Very Quiet.” Friends “Were Surprised”

Not only Blake Lively’s admirers knew about her pregnancy.

Many of the actress’ pals were likewise “surprised” by the news when she originally announced her pregnancy on Thursday at the 10th Annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit.

Even her pals were taken aback by the news of her new pregnancy, the insider claims. She was quite discreet.

Lively is a “very devoted mom,” the person adds.

The insider claims that “her kids are her primary concern over everything.” “You never would have guessed that Blake Lively, this supermodel, and gorgeous woman, would be this regular person who takes care of the family and cooks dinner every night, but she is really fantastic with the kids,” said a friend.

Blake Lively, Kept Secret of Her 4th Baby. Sources Said It Was "Very Quiet." Friends "Were Surprised"

Daughters Betty, 3, Inez, 5, and James, 7, are shared by Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds.

Lively spoke about being a creative woman who is also an entrepreneur during a panel discussion on Thursday.

“I simply enjoy creating. I just really enjoy creating, whether it be with food or with stories or with people or with businesses “She made a joke, and everyone in the room laughed.

Blake Lively emphasized the need of showing her children “That you don’t have to choose one or the other” to them.

“I don’t need them to decide whether to be a mother or a businesswoman. I just want kids to realize that anything is possible, whether they are either or neither.”


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Reynolds, 45, discussed raising his three girls with Lively during a recent broadcast of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.

Letterman, 75, told Reynolds, “You feed the crew,” as the Deadpool actor seemed to prepare a supper for his family.

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Reynolds said, “Full transparency, Blake really showed me how to do all this,” prompting Letterman to inquire, “Who runs the show here?”

Reynolds remarked, “Blake runs the show; if it weren’t for her, I’d probably just kind of phone stuff in.”

Reynolds was then asked by Letterman if “worry would set in” if Lively were to leave town to visit her relatives and he was left to look after the kids by himself.

Blake Lively, Kept Secret of Her 4th Baby. Sources Said It Was "Very Quiet." Friends "Were Surprised"

The former late-night talk show host laughed as Reynolds joked, “I would, first off, never let her go visit her family.”

He continued, “I suppose I would find it fairly thrilling at first if I was just with the girls. With three girls, there would then be, making the importance of the division of labor clear.

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