‘Zero To One’ Author Blake Master’s Net worth In 2022!

Blake Masters is An American venture investor, writer, and political contender to represent Arizona in the US Senate in 2022. In the August 2 primary, he defeated state attorney general Mark Brnovich and businessman Jim Lamon.

Throughout his campaign, Blake supported both Peter Thiel and former president Donald Trump, and in June 2022, they both endorsed him. As of July 2022, Thiel had invested $15 million in Masters’ campaign. He also supported Trump’s efforts to have the results of the 2020 presidential election nullified.

Early Life and Education

Blake Gates Masters was born to Marilyn and Scott Masters in Denver, Colorado, on Aug. 5, 1986.  While his mother maintained a center for academic tutoring, his father worked in the software industry.

He attended private schools in Tucson, Arizona, where the family had relocated. In 2008, he graduated from Stanford University with a degree in political science. He graduated from Stanford Law School with a law degree four years later.


He met Peter Theil at Stanford University Law School, where he graduated with a JD in 2012.

In their email exchanges a year later, Thiel urged Masters to sign up for a course he would be instructing in the spring of 2012. Masters used to post in-depth summaries of Thiel’s lectures on a blog that became well-liked among techies.

blake masters net worth

Masters spent a few months working as a law clerk for a US Attorney’s Office after he finished his education.

After a few months, however, Masters began working for Peter Theil, eventually achieving the posts of president of the Thiel Foundation and chief operating officer of the investment firm Thiel Capital.

Thiel chose Masters and other employees in November 2016 to assist Donald Trump with his transition to the presidency. Masters made a suggestion that he would take on Republican US Senator Martha McSally in a primary election in October 2019. In January 2020, Masters said he would not run against McSally despite his concerns that McSally was a weak candidate and criticism of her defeat in the 2018 election, which he felt was a “Winnable” contest.

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Political Career

Masters resigned from his job at Thiel’s charity and investment company in March 2022 to run for the Arizona Senate that year. He resurfaced in April 2021 as a probable candidate to Democrat Mark Kelly for the Republican nomination for the US Senate in 2022. In July 2021, Masters formally entered the election.


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In the Republican primary, Masters was opposed by Republican state attorney general Mark Brnovich, ex-Arizona National Guard adjutant Mick McGuire, Arizona corporation commissioner Justin Olson, and businessman Jim Lamon.

On August 2, 2022, Masters secured the Republican nomination with around 40% of the vote. Brnovich finished third, followed by Lamon in second.

Networth of Blake Masters

Blake masters’ net worth is anticipated to be over $18 million As of 2022. because of his several sources of income, he has accumulated a vast fortune.

Sources of Blake Masters’s Networth

Blake’s jobs as a venture capitalist and a novelist are his main sources of income. His books generate a substantial sum of royalties for him.

Zero to one: Notes on startups, which blake co-authored with peter Theil, was his debut book. But the notes blake took while attending Stanford law school are what this book is based on.

In addition, Blake and Michael Alan Nelson co-wrote the science fiction book “Insurrection v3.6.”

Masters co-founded Judicata, a business that performs legal research, in 2013. The website wasn’t finished until 2017 after masters left the project in 2014. the website was bought by the fast case in 2020.

blake masters net worth

While working with Thiel, the Master made quite a bit of money as well. Masters held the positions of president of the Thiel Foundation and coo of Thiel capital, Thiel’s investing firm. He’s frequently referred to as Thiel’s protege.

Masters Used Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to Raise Money for his campaign, promising to give the first few donors who gave more than $5,800 to his cause a limited edition NFT that would give them access to a private chat server and live events as well as a copy of his book that both Blake Masters and Thiel had signed. Masters was able to raise $575,000 for his campaign in the first 36 hours by selling NFTs.

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Personal Life

In 2012, Blake wed Catherine, the girl he had a crush on throughout high school. Blake and Catherine have been married for ten wonderful years, and during this time they have been busy bringing up and educating their three handsome sons, Miles, Graham, and Rex.


Blake master is a Business investor, writer, and 2022 Arizona senate candidate. He beat Mark Brnovich and Jim Lamon in the august 2 primary. Masters quit Thiel’s nonprofit and investment firm in 2022 to run for the Arizona senate. In April 2021, he reemerged as a possible Republican opponent to mark kelly for the 2022 US senate nomination.

Blake Masters’ net worth should top $18 million By 2022. because of his multiple income streams, he’s wealthy. Blake’s main income sources are venture capital and writing. His books generate significant royalties. Zero to one: notes on startups was blake’s first book. Blake’s law school notes inspired this book. Masters co-founded Judicata in 2013.