Bling Empire Season 2 Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled?

Netflix’s reality shows Bling Empire swiftly ascended to the top of the streaming service’s top ten list. The program has been renewed for a second season due to its widespread popularity. In an official tweet, Netflix announced the release of the second season of Bling Empire.

Crazy Rich Asians inspired Bling Empire, prompting Jeff Jenkins, the show’s executive producer, to explore creating a show similar to it. Rich East Asian and East Asian-American Angelenos are the focus of the show.

It details their high-end attire, lavish parties, romantic relationships, friendships, and multibillion-dollar businesses. You’re in for a treat in Season 2 if you designed huge social events or magnificent mansions in Season 1. From the characters to the launch date, find out all you need to know about Bling Empire season two.

Release Date for Season 2 of Bling Empire

Bling Empire got renewed for a second season in March 2021, indicating that shooting has wrapped and post-production is almost complete.

The only thing we’re looking forward to is an official release date. As a consequence of Netflix’s late announcement of a December release date, we’ll have to settle for the 20, May 2022 release date.

Bling Empire’s return in 2022 has yet to be confirmed by Netflix.

Once a year, Netflix publishes new seasons of its original content. The second season of Bling Empire is expected to premiere on Netflix on 20, May 2022.

The plot of Bling Empire Season 2

The first season of Bling Empire was well-received by audiences all around the globe. Each viewer who tuned in to the show wondered aloud, “Is the program accurate?” Season one is about more than just the glitz and glitter of the rich.

It covers a wide range of issues affecting Asian-American society, including infertility. Following Season 1, it will be intriguing to see how Andrew Gray and Kelly’s relationship develops.

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While we will miss watching Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee continue their romance after Cherie’s proposal to Lee at a friend’s private party, we are excited to see what the future holds for them.

The rivalry between Anna Shay and Christine Chiu will be enough to keep the series interesting. Depending on the story, new characters may arrive, however, there are little data accessible.

Season 2 Trailer for Bling Empire

Since we learned about The Bling Empire Season 2’s approaching premiere, we’ve been waiting for a trailer. Regrettably, it has yet to be abandoned.

The cast of Bling Empire Season 2

There is no information regarding the cast of Bling Empire 2 at this time. The original cast, on the other hand, has hinted at a potential comeback for the sequel. Kevin has shown an interest in flying to South Korea for the upcoming episodes and bringing the rest of the cast with him.

Kim, on the other hand, has plans to make up for her postponed season two vacation plans. Kim hopes that the team would go to Singapore to experience the country’s actual beauty.

Our favorite billionaires, Jaime Xie, a 21-year-old influencer, and Kane Lim, a Singaporean real estate investor, will be in action. Anna Shay, a half-Japanese, half-Russian socialite; Christine Chiu, a famous plastic surgeon (currently working on a beauty project); Kelly Mi Li, a filmmaker; and Guy Tang, a hairdresser with a musical inclination.

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Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee, unfortunately, are the two most recent exist-on. The couple had already completed the second film, but their names were later deleted from the cast list. It’s unclear why Chan and Lee skipped season two.

They do, however, want to focus their time and energy on growing their furniture business while simultaneously taking care of their children. If a third episode is ever released, I’m eager to see them again.

Jeff Jenkins, Brandon Panaligan, Ross Weintraub, Elise Chung, and Ben Eisele executive produced the first episode of the program.

It’s unknown which of them will return to their old duties at this time. Jenkins, the creator of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, will, however, serve as an executive producer on the film.