Bob Abishola Weight Loss: Secret Behind His Weight Loss!

The topic of Billy Gardell’s weight loss has gone viral among his worldwide following. Fans are curious to learn about Billy Gardell’s weight loss journey because he appeared a little bit leaner in the fourth season of the CBS sitcom “Bob Hearts Abishola” than he had in the first three seasons.

Read the article till the end and know all about Bob Abishola weight loss journey.

Who Is Bob Abishola?

William Gardell Jr. is an American actor and stand-up comedian who was born on August 20, 1969. On Mike & Molly, Gardell portrayed Chicago police officer Mike Biggs. Additionally, he played Billy Colivida on ‘Yes, Dear‘ on a recurring basis and played a police officer in twelve episodes of My Name Is Earl.

In addition to portraying Lyle Winkler on Sullivan & Son, Gardell also provided the voice of Santa Claus in the animated film Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas. Bob Wheeler is a character played by Gardell in the CBS sitcom series Bob Hearts Abishola since 2019.

bob abishola weight loss

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How Much Weight Did Billy Gardell Loss ?

You’ll be shocked to learn that the Mike & Molly actor shed nearly 140 pounds, or 63.5 kg. Gardell’s maximum weight was 350 pounds. His journey to losing weight has been incredible because he has lost a significant amount of fat.

Billy Gardell is about 210 pounds right now.

The actor’s long-standing unhealthy eating habits, such as consuming junk food, smoking, and drinking, were the cause of Gardell’s weight gain. By cutting out unhealthy foods and altering his unhealthy lifestyle, he lost over 140 pounds.

Secret Behind Billy Gardell Weight Loss

Billy Gardell lost weight by making dietary changes and simple exercises. He started experimenting with novel and successful ideas, such as eliminating sodas, alcohol, and processed foods from his diet.

So that he could continue his healthy routine, the comedian also started to prepare healthier foods on his own. In addition, he started incorporating physical activities into his daily routine and became more active.

bob abishola weight loss

Recognizing the value of exercise, the sitcom star started jogging and walking for 30 minutes a day in his neighbourhood. However, Gardell made the decision to work with a nutritionist and fitness trainer after learning that he had Type 2 diabetes.

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Did Billy Gardell Undergo Any Weight Loss Surgery?

Yes, Billy Gardell finally underwent bariatric weight loss surgery in an effort to fundamentally alter his life after the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.

The actor believed getting the surgery would be the best course of action for him even though he had already lost a significant amount of weight.

After Gardell’s interview with Kevin Frazier of ET, the revelation surfaced. The Bob Hearts Abishola actor spoke candidly in the interview about his efforts to alter his outlook on life and lose weight in order to stay as healthy and safe as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic.