Know How Bob Harper Reveals Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets for Fast Results

Hollywood’s finest ask ‘The Biggest Loser’ instructor for advice when they need to know how to reduce weight quickly. Here, Bob Harper shares his tried-and-true weight-loss strategies.

Losing Weight Quickly and Healthily?

Bob Harper's Fast, Celebrity Weight-Loss Secrets

Everyone has been in a situation when a major occasion (such as a reunion, wedding, or beach trip) is just weeks away and you want to look amazing. But is it really possible to get there without going on a strict diet or exercising for six hours every day?

Bob Harper, a celebrity trainer, and Biggest Loser coach claim in his new book Jumpstart to Skinny, a three-week method to thin down swiftly but healthfully, that you can. In fact, he adds, “having a goal and a deadline is the impetus that many of us need to make a change, get off the couch, get our noses out of the fridge, and get ourselves back onto the path to a healthy (and slimming) existence.

According to Harper, he created the strategy for a famous buddy who urgently wanted to lose weight for a big performance. He is honest when he states that the restriction is just temporary and should not be adhered to for more than a few weeks. Therefore, according to Harper, here’s how you lose weight quickly like a Hollywood celebrity.

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Count Calories Less a Lot.

Bob Harper's Fast, Celebrity Weight-Loss Secrets

Women should aim for 800 calories per day, while males should aim for 1,200, according to Harper. While the majority of specialists on weight reduction suggest that women should not consume fewer than 1,200 calories per day, Harper asserts that unique situations need taking drastic action. He says, “you’ve got to dial your intake down if you want a skinnier you,” noting that this isn’t a long-term plan.

Keep in mind that Harper is all about calorie quality if this seems like hunger. You’ll be loading up on obscenely nutritious, nutrient-dense meals (particularly vegetables), which will make you feel fuller longer than 800 calories of processed, junk food would.

After Breakfast, Avoid Complex Carbohydrates.

So it’s not precisely accurate that celebrities in Hollywood only eat carbohydrates for breakfast. Complex carbohydrates, including whole grains, are sugars, and sugar signals the pancreas to produce more insulin, according to Harper. And that procedure stimulates hunger.

He draws a comparison between this and simple carbohydrates, such as those found in fruits and vegetables, which your body doesn’t digest in the same manner since the fiber content balances the carb load. According to Harper, restricting complex carbohydrates to the morning is effective since eating them later in the day increases your risk of developing late-night food cravings.

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Cardio for 45 Minutes, Once More in The Morning.

Bob Harper's Fast, Celebrity Weight-Loss Secrets

Harper encourages walking because “it’s simple, you can do it alone, with a friend, or with your dog, and you don’t need any equipment.” We’re not talking about insane boot camps or jazz aerobics. Regarding the advice to exercise in the morning, Harper notes that among his clients and Biggest Loser participants, those who exercise first thing in the morning, before eating, have a tendency to stick to their diets and lose more weight. There is some evidence that doing out on an empty stomach increases fat loss, albeit the study is conflicting.

Salt Should Be Counted and Chopped.

Even if you take care to choose low-sodium varieties, Harper cautions that if you consume a lot of packaged goods, you’re probably getting more salt than you require. The drawback of excessive salt intake is that it might cause water retention and puffiness. When his customers want to lose weight quickly, Harper advises them to aim for 1,000 mg each day.

Fish Oil Supplements Are Popular.

Bob Harper's Fast, Celebrity Weight-Loss Secrets

This heart-healthy lipid may also improve immunity and lessen pain after exercise. For routine, low-intensity cardio, the tablets definitely aren’t essential, but according to Harper, they’ll aid in your recovery after the conditioning exercises, which he suggests doing five times per week for 15 to 20 minutes.

Fish oil “has revolutionized my life as a person whose business it is to work out,” he adds. He advises 3,000 milligrams every day, but you should first speak to your doctor to ensure that this dosage is suitable for you.

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Cut out All Alcohol.

During award shows, celebrities may appear lovely clutching Champagne flutes, but when they’re trying to fit into their couture gowns, they don’t drink. Harper claims that alcohol, even heart-healthy wine, causes you to retain water and seem bloated, puffs out your eyes, and changes your metabolism to slow down the burning of fat.

Also, drinking reduces your ability to control yourself, which can lead to “a slippery slope to raiding the fridge or the drive-through.” In Bob Harper’s new book Jumpstart to Skinny, you’ll find further advice on eating healthily as well as great recipes, meal planning, and exercise regimens. Get our advice on the “thin rules” that contestants from The Biggest Loser never break.