A Look into the Bob Iger’s Daily Routine of the Disney Executive Chairman

The Walt Disney Company’s former CEO and current Executive Chairman, Bob Iger, is one of the most influential people in the media sector. Iger has developed a reputation for his leadership abilities, business savvy, and imaginative vision over the course of a career spanning close to five decades. In this piece, we examine Iger’s daily schedule in greater detail.
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Robert A. Iger


March 10, 1951


New York City, New York, United States


Business executive

Net worth

$750 million (2023)


Ithaca College (BA), New York University (MBA)


The Walt Disney Company


Executive Chairman


1996-2022, 2022-present

Early Life and Education

On February 10, 1951, Robert Allen Iger was born in New York City. He studied at Ithaca College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Television and Radio. Iger’s early years and schooling are not well known, but his love of media and entertainment inspired him to work in the field.

Career and Success

Bob IgerIger has experienced a lot of success throughout his career. He started as a studio manager at ABC and eventually worked his way up to become the network’s president. He was appointed president of The Walt Disney Company in 2000, and he took Michael Eisner’s place as CEO 3 in 2005.

“I never viewed myself as exceptional. And so whenever I got a job, I was relying on hard work more than anything and a level of enthusiasm and optimism. When I went to ABC Sports, everybody there went to Stanford or Dartmouth or Columbia.”

Iger was in charge of overseeing the acquisition of Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm, among other significant deals, which helped to establish Disney as a leading force in the worldwide entertainment industry. Iger left his position as CEO in 2020 and transitioned into the position of Executive Chairman, where he is still actively involved in running the business.

Daily Routine

Bob Iger

“My job demands a lot of my time and a lot of energy, and so I’ve adjusted my daily routine over the years to enable me to do my job effectively. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is workout. And I work out in solitude, typically in a darkened room, listening to music. There’s a television on, but there’s no sound. That’s probably not necessarily a great commercial for our television programs, but I tend to use the music sort of as a means of meditating in a way.”

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Iger has a structured daily plan despite his busy schedule. He has a habit of getting up at 4 a.m. every day since he first started working in the field. He works out first thing in the morning, usually doing both cardio and weight training. Iger then takes some time to catch up on emails and news before going to work.

“I think it’s vital, in terms of the ability to run a pretty complicated company in a very, very fast-paced world, to have the energy but also to have spent the time to organize one’s thoughts.”

Bob IgerEven though his workweek is full of calls, meetings, and other business-related activities, he still finds time to read scripts and review material. Iger is renowned for his aptitude for striking a balance between the creative and business parts of his work, a talent that has helped him succeed in the field.

Diet Plan and Workout Plan

“I create a firewall with technology, by the way, in that, I try to exercise and think before I read. Because if I read, it throws me off, it’s distracting. I’m immediately thinking about usually someone else’s thoughts instead of my own.
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I like being alone with my thoughts, and it allows me to not just replenish but to organize, and it’s important.”

Iger has not made his precise diet plan public, however he has stated that he makes an effort to eat well and stay away from processed foods. He also keeps up a consistent exercise schedule that combines weightlifting and cardio. Iger has highlighted the value of exercise and good routines in keeping him energized and focused all day long.