Is There any Possibility of Bocchi the Rock! Season 2 ?

Bocchi the Rock’s first season ended with 12 episodes. Now that the first season is over, he has only one thing on his mind.

Will there be a season 2 of Bocchi the Rock?

Bocce der Fersen! will be a surprise hit in the fall 2022 anime. The show initially followed a somewhat typical formula and gained a loyal following after a few episodes. Outperformed major anime titles.

The original manga was a four-panel format comic that presented a challenge to the anime adaptation team for minimal context and character design detail.

However, they rose to the occasion and delivered a beautifully executed and faithful adaptation for fans to enjoy. The 12th episode of Bocce the Rock! has over 50 chapters in Japanese (it has yet to be serialized in English), so there is plenty of source material for the second season.

Manga is still going on.

Bocchi the Rock’s second season has yet to be officially confirmed, but it looks like we’ll be seeing more of the popular show in the form of Season 2.

Like “K-ON”, “Bocce the Rock” was a big hit with anime fans in the first season, and it is easy to imagine that it will continue to be popular in the future.

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Bocchi the Rock has revealed a throwback photo after the season 1 finale aired.

Bocchi the Rock! anime ends the first season with a special trailer and key  visuals

We all know that there are many anime projects for the future, such as no. So Bocce the Rock! A sequel may be delayed.

However, we can say that it will probably air in late 2023 or early 2024. The studio continues to pick up many anime projects and release them quickly, and the studio plans to release more for faster, higher quality anime. It may even start airing in mid-2023 as it recruits staff.

One of the most significant factors in getting a sequel is the Blu-ray sales of the series.
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We don’t know how much Bocchi the Rock sells, but we know it is doing quite well.

Botch the Rock! It has 11 episodes with an 8.86 MAL rating and an IMDB rating of 8.7.

The voice actors for the four main characters are Yuna Aoyama as Bocchi, Sayumi Suzushiro as Nijika, Saku Mizuno as Ryo, and Ikumi Hasegawa as Kita.

Popular voice actor “Maaya Uchida” also joined the voice cast and appeared as Seika, Nijika’s older sister. Maaya Uchida is known for voicing Rika in Love, Delusions such as Chunibyo, and Norman in The Promised Neverland!

Bocce der Fersen! One day, she picks up her father’s guitar and starts playing in the hope that people will become fans of her in the future.

Years later, Gotou is now a professional guitarist and even has a Youtube channel called The Guitar Hero. The only thing that hasn’t changed to this day is that she’s still an attention-seeking introvert.

One day, while she is sitting in the park with her guitar, a girl named Nijika approaches him. With her former guitarist running away from an important concert, she asks Goto if he is willing to play in her “Kesoku Band”.

Gotou is an introvert, so he gave in to her words and agreed. When she arrived at the concert venue with Nijika, she met another bandmate, bassist Ryo.

After a fairly average first gig, former guitarist Kita rejoined. Now that the 4-piece band is complete, they aim to become one of the best.

Since Gotou had no friends, she discovered a lot with her bandmates. Her bandmates nicknamed her “Bocchi” after learning of her introverted personality.

They work hard every day to improve their skills and can even arrange real concerts. After a while, Bocchi’s true identity is also revealed as a “guitar hero”, but she is still aiming for good things.

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In the final episode, Bocchi and the entire band perform at Bocchi’s school’s cultural festival. is nervous and breaks the string of the guitar, but he does his best to encourage the band members and finishes with a good sound.

I’ll be embarrassed at the end, but I’ll break out of my shell and show it off to everyone!