Bookmaker Bonuses and Free Bets

Getting a reward because you like to bet money on sports betting: who doesn’t want that? You don’t even have to search long before you come across such a reward. Non-GamStop bookies hand out plenty of extra play money or risk-free bets to attract new players. And not only that, because there are also extras for the regular group of gamblers. So there are plenty of moments when you can take advantage of a nice bonus promotion on JustUK Club.

Free Bets to Try Out the Gambling Platform Without Obligation!

A betting platform can look quite attractive. The offer seems interesting, the odds are not disappointing and the design of the website appeals to you. Do you have to register and make a deposit right away? That is of course possible, but it is much nicer if you first get the chance to try out the platform without obligation. With a free bet, you can.

With a free bet, a deposit is not required. You do need to create an account only to activate this bonus. With a free bet as a welcome bonus, the non-GamStop bookmaker hopes to convince you that this is the platform for your sports betting. And indeed, you only really notice whether it works well when you start betting yourself. Thanks to this bonus, you may find out that the layout is illogical or that you can easily find the right bets. Of course, the free bet won’t make you rich. Usually, it is a few euros, which you can bet on sports competitions at your own discretion. Even if you are not there yet. Because if you make a profit, you really have to make a deposit first before you can withdraw your winnings.

Double Your First Deposit With a 100% Welcome Bonus!

The free bet is of course an accessible way to explore a gambling platform. But let’s be honest… What good is that one free bet? In any case, you don’t have to do it for extra profit. If you like a bonus with which you can immediately collect a lot of extra money, it is better to look for a 100% deposit bonus.

The name of this bonus is already quite telling. The money you deposit into the account provides 100% extra play money. A doubling of the original amount you deposited into your player account. There are also betting platforms that have a variant of this 100% bonus. They choose a 50% or 200% deposit bonus. The latter is quite interesting for high rollers. 

The deposit bonus is really a welcome gift. It is therefore only valid for players who have just signed up and who make the first deposit. This means you have to make a decision right away. Because do you do everything you can to get the maximum 100% welcome bonus or do you settle for less? Because of the strict conditions, it is sometimes better to be less ambitious.

Clearing the Deposit Bonus

It is absolutely attractive to deposit 100 euros into your account and then have 200 euros at your disposal. However, collecting that deposit bonus is a lot more difficult than it seems. There are many terms and conditions that you have to follow.

A 100% welcome bonus can yield quite a bit of extra play money. It is therefore logical that you do not just get this gift. First of all, a deposit bonus always has a maximum. That can be 50 euros, but also 100 or 200 euros. You never have to deposit this full amount to be eligible for a 100% welcome bonus. A deposit of 20 euros is just good for a total playing balance of 40 euros. You do have to wait a while for this bonus amount. The intention is that you first unlock the welcome bonus before it is actually yours. You can free play by wagering the deposit and/or bonus amount an x number of times.

The non-GamStop bookmaker determines the minimum odds and the period in which this must happen. If you aim for a bonus that is too high, it may just happen that you do not meet all the conditions on time.

Mobile Bonus: Get to Know the Non-GamStop Bookmakers App

The mobile bonus is a lot easier to grab than the 100% deposit bonus. And that while this bonus has exactly the same goal. He has to convince you to use the gambling platform. But instead of the regular platform, you now have the chance to try out the mobile website or app.

Developing a well-functioning app takes a lot of time and money. That investment must therefore pay for itself. This will only work if you actually start using the mobile platform. With a free bet, you can at least see if you like the app. You should not expect much more, because the value of the mobile bonus is usually quite low. If you’re lucky you’ll get 20 euros to explore the mobile website with, but it might as well be just 5 euros. Alternatively, some non-GamStop bookmakers opt for a risk-free bet.

Free Bets & Risk-Free Bets on Tournaments

Registering, a first deposit, or your first mobile bet: moments like this often come with bonuses in the non-GamStop gambling world. However, it is not only new players who benefit from the bonus system. Even if you have been placing bets for years, there is still something extra to be earned on a regular basis, especially with large sports tournaments.