Boz Scaggs Illness: Ups and Downs in His Career and Personal Life!

Legendary guitarist and singer-songwriter Boz Scaggs is renowned for his deep voice and distinctive fusion of blues, rock, and R&B songs. His lengthy and fruitful career in the music business has seen him put out a total of 19 studio albums and get multiple Grammy Award nominations.

Recent allegations that boz scaggs had to postpone his Boz’s Out Of The Blues tour owing to health difficulties have many fans worried about Boz Scaggs’ condition. 

We’ll examine Boz Scaggs’ current health, past medical history, and some things about his personal life in more detail in this article.

Boz Scaggs: Updates on Illness Rumors

boz scaggs illness

There are no recent reports of Boz Scaggs being ill. In both his professional and personal lives, the well-known singer has had many ups and downs.

Scaggs took a protracted break from recording because he felt that making music had become a “career” and that music had “left him.” Boz claims that he attempted to create a new record in 1983, but it lacked an authentic sense. The vocalist suffered from anxiety.

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He experienced uneasiness and the sense that “something very big” was missing from his life in 1985, and he felt compelled to release a song as a result.

However, Other Roads, the following album, wasn’t published until 1988. This happened as a result of Columbia rejecting the album because they thought it lacked a hit single.

Scaggs spent additional time honing the album. His most recent top 40 hit since 2018 is “Heart of Mine,” which appears on Other Roads. In 1988, Scaggs also acquired a portion of the San Francisco nightclub Slim’s, which remained operational until 2020.

Boz Scaggs: A Look Into His Personal Life!

William Royce Scaggs, better known by his stage name Boz Scaggs, was born on June 8, 1944, in the United States. He began his musical career as Steve Miller’s bandmate in The Ardells and later in the Steve Miller Band.

Despite starting his solo career in 1969, Scaggs didn’t have significant success till the arrival of his 1976 album, “Silk Degrees.” This record impressively debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart.

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After this success, Scaggs released two additional platinum-certified albums, “Down Two Then Left” and “Middle Man,” the latter of which gave rise to hit singles like “Breakdown Dead Ahead” and “Jojo.”

After taking a break for the majority of the 1980s, Scaggs returned to recording and touring in 1988. He joined The New York Rock and Soul Revue during this time and founded Slim’s, a popular San Francisco music venue that stayed open until its demise in 2020. 

Boz Scaggs: Ups and Downs in His Personal Life

boz scaggs illness

Boz Scaggs was married twice. He married Donna Carmella Storniola in 1973; she will be referred to as his first wife. Austin Scaggs and Oscar Scaggs were their sons.

The couple were divorced in 1980, but after three and a half years Boz was awarded joint custody of their kids. Donna Carmella Storniola died in February 2017 after that.

Austin, one of his sons, became a Rolling Stone music journalist. At a young age, his late son Oscar received a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder.

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He had trouble reading and comprehending spoken information, and he frequently switched schools before settling comfortably. 

When questioned about drugs, Scaggs responded that he had only been drinking since 1967. Unfortunately, on December 31, 1998, Scaggs overdosed on heroin unintentionally and lost his Oscar.

After some time, Boz wed Dominique Gioia in 1992. In 1996, they eventually relocated to Napa Valley.