Did Bre Tiesi’s Plastic Surgery Transform Her Looks? Unveiling the Before and After!

Bre Tiesi is a model, actress, and fitness influencer from the United States. On May 4, 1991, she was born in Los Angeles, California. Tiesi started modeling when she was a youngster and has since collaborated with numerous prestigious companies, such as Guess, Nike, and Rockstar Energy. She is also the creator of the exercise and diet program Body by Bre.

Tiesi has a career in acting in addition to modeling and fitness. She has made appearances in a variety of television programs and motion pictures, such as “The Perfect Match” (2014) and the 2015 television series “Hawaii Five-0.”

Tiesi is renowned for her romance with Johnny Manziel, a former NFL quarterback. 2018 saw the couple’s marriage, but 2021 saw their divorce. Tiesi is expecting her first kid with Nick Cannon at this time. Tiesi is a popular fitness influencer, model, actor, and mother. She is an encouragement to people who want to accomplish their goals and a role model for women globally.

Bre Tiesi Plastic Surgery

bre tiesi before plastic surgery

Model and fitness influencer Bre Tiesi has spoken out publicly about her experience having plastic surgery. She’s undergone Botox injections, a nose job, and breast augmentation. Her choice to have a tattoo of her ex-husband, Johnny Manziel, erased has also been discussed.

Tiesi has expressed her satisfaction with the outcomes of her plastic surgery and how it has given her more self-assurance. She has also stated that she is not ashamed of her decision to get surgery and that she thinks that by being transparent, plastic surgery would become less stigmatized.

Tiesi has been vocal about her choice to have a natural birth in addition to her plastic surgery. In July 2022, she gave birth to her son, Zion Mixolydian Cannon. Tiesi has stated that she preferred a natural delivery since she wished to feel all of the motherhood-related emotions.

Tiesi’s supporters and followers have praised her for choosing to give birth naturally. She has received numerous compliments for her bravery and strength. Tiesi has expressed her gratitude for the support she has received and her desire for her experience to encourage other women to consider giving birth naturally.

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bre tiesi before plastic surgery

Here is a more thorough overview of Bre Tiesi’s plastic surgery procedures:

  • A surgical technique to increase the breasts is called breast augmentation. It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the country. A surgeon enlarges the breasts by inserting implants during a breast augmentation.
  • A surgical treatment to reshape the nose is known as a “nose job.” It is yet another common cosmetic procedure. A surgeon reshapes the nose by removing or introducing bone and cartilage during a nose job.
  • A non-surgical method to minimize the appearance of wrinkles is Botox injections. A toxin called Botox relaxes the muscles, which can aid in wrinkle reduction.

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Did Bre Tiesi Have Plastic Surgery?


Model and fitness influencer Bre Tiesi has been transparent about her choice to get breast augmentation. She detailed her experience with the operation in a YouTube vlog, covering everything from her initial visit with the surgeon to her recovery. Tiesi expressed her satisfaction with the surgical outcomes and her increased confidence as a result. She also expressed the hope that by being transparent about her decision to get plastic surgery, it would become less stigmatized.

Tiesi shared some of her consultation process and post-surgery feelings in the vlog. She also responded to inquiries concerning the operation from her viewers. Tiesi admitted that she was originally anxious about the procedure, but that after speaking with her doctor, she felt confident in her choice. She added that the healing process had not been as difficult as she had anticipated.

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Tiesi’s decision to open up about her breast augmentation experience has received praise from her fans and followers. She has received praise from many for her candor and openness to her choice. Tiesi has expressed her gratitude for the encouragement she has gotten and her hope that other women may be encouraged by her tale to think about getting breast augmentation if they so want.

It is crucial to remember that breast augmentation is a big procedure with dangers. All cosmetic procedures have the possibility of problems, including infection, bleeding, and scarring. Before making a choice, it is crucial to discuss the risks and advantages of breast augmentation with a trained surgeon.