Brendan Fraser Illness: Recent Updates About His Health Status!

For good reason, Brendan Fraser was a fan favorite in the ’90s. He was equal parts boyish and handsome, seamlessly swinging between lighthearted comedies and period dramas.

However, after becoming a well-known and respected figure, he abruptly faded from the scene. Brendan Fraser’s career trajectory and current endeavors were examined.

Is Brendan Fraser Sick? Tik Tok Users Pouring Their Support

No, Brendan Fraser is not sick. When rumors began to circulate about his health, fans became quite concerned.

Most recently, he did a “virtual meet and greet” with his adoring followers in a TikTok video. The overwhelming support he received from the online community brought him to tears.

Furthermore, he announced his future film, Killers of the Flower Moon. Brendan, meanwhile, will be sharing the screen with both Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro.

And he couldn’t be happier to be performing beside such an illustrious company. He joked that he was heading to the hospital, though.

Some internet users probably took that seriously. Nonetheless, they have circulated these baseless claims about Fraser today.

The good news for his followers is that he appears to be healthy. Moreover, he is preparing hard for his future events. In any case, we hope he has a successful future.

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Does Brendan Fraser Have Cancer?

Brendan Fraser Illness

There is no cancer in Brendan Fraser’s body. These are merely additional rumors circulating online.

In late 2016, he conducted an interview after a very long period for AOL’s BUILD. Reportedly, he seemed unhappy and wasn’t particularly focused on what he had to say.

Since then, his devotees have grown concerned, wondering what’s gotten into him. His separation from ex-wife Afton Smith was speculated by some to be the root cause of his depression.

And it was speculated that he was unhappy since two of his franchises had decided against recasting him. But the reality was that Brendan’s mother had lately passed away from cancer.

What happened to Brendan Fraser? Health Update

Brendan Fraser Illness

There has been no word on Brendan Fraser’s health status as of yet. He is safe and sound, we can rest confident.

In the past, he has had to get surgical procedures because of his action roles. His knee was partially replaced, as reported by Wikipedia.

Brendan also had surgery on his vocal cords. Unexpectedly, he’s had a laminectomy in the past.

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In a 1998 episode of “America’s Most Wanted,” Fraser made his acting debut in a reenactment as a friend of a murder victim. In 1992, he participated in both the sports drama “School Ties” and his first main role, “Encino Man,” alongside Pauly Shore and Sean Astin.

Brendan starred in the movie office smash “George of the Jungle,” which made $174.4 million in 1997, and acted in the 1994 films “With Honors,” “The Scout,” “Airheads,” and “In the Army Now” (reuniting him with Pauly Shore).

After “George of the Jungle,” he directed “Gods and Monsters” (1998), “Blast from the Past” (2000), “Dudley Do-Right” (2000), and the $416.4 million-grossing “The Mummy” (2000); the $435 million-grossing “The Mummy Returns” (2002), and the $403.4 million-grossing “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” (2003) were all huge successes at the box office.

After “Bedazzled,” Fraser was featured in “The Quiet American” (2000), “Looney Tunes: Back in Action” (2003), “Crash” (2004), “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (2008), “Inkheart,” and a few other films before taking a sabbatical from acting in 2014.

Brendan has been in a number of television shows, including “The Simpsons” (1998), “King of the Hill” (2000, 2005), “Scrubs” (2002, 2004), and “The Affair,” though he is most recognized for his film roles (2016–2017).

In “Titans” (2018) and “Doom Patrol,” a 2019 spin-off, he reprised the role of Robotman. In “Professionals,” a 10-part series for the Swedish streaming platform Viaplay, Fraser will play a billionaire futurist beginning in 2020.

Brendan has had success in both film and theater. His performance as Brick in a 2001 London production of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” earned him critical acclaim.

Brendan has also served as executive producer on several of his films, including “The Last Time” (2006), “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (which earned $244.2 million at the box office), “Furry Vengeance” (2010), and “Stand Off” (2012). (2012).

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Personal Life

Brendan married actress Afton Smith on September 27, 1998; the couple later divorced in 2008 after having three kids together (Griffin (2002), Holden (2004), and Leland (2006). Fraser is a U.S. and Canadian citizen who also happens to be bilingual (he speaks French).

His love of film and photography led him to join the board of FilmAid International. Brendan has had numerous surgeries due to the damage done to his body by the stunts he has performed in his films; in the span of 7 years, he has had a partial knee replacement, vocal cord surgery, and multiple back procedures.

In 2018, Fraser disclosed that Hollywood Foreign Press Association president Philip Berk had sexually assaulted him in 2003. He blames his career downturn on his decision to come out about the incident.

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