Bretman Rock Boyfriend- Real-Time Update on His Love Life!

As a Filipino-American beauty influencer and social media personality, Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga (born July 31, 1998) is a social media star in Honolulu, Hawaii. During 2015, one of his contouring videos went viral on YouTube and Vine.

Makeup tutorials and Rock’s sense of humour have made him famous.

One of the first openly gay men to appear on the cover of Playboy was Bretman Rock, MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock (2021), and he has appeared in several music videos.

At the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards, Rock received an award for “Breakthrough Social Star” and a People’s Choice Award for “Beauty Influencer” for his work on social media.

Who is Bretman Rock?

After moving to Hawaii when he was seven years old, Rock was born in the Philippines. For him, social media has always been a place where he could express himself creatively. For the first time in years, his contouring videos became an internet sensation in 2015.

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Eventually, he signed a management contract with ABS-CBN Corporation’s Adober Studios, a company owned by the country’s largest media conglomerate.

Rock does mukbang content and memes from time to time, but he’s primarily a beauty vlogger. Many influential people have worked with him, and his fame has grown steadily over the years. It’s time to talk about Bretman Rock’s fiance.

Bretman Rock’s Bf

bretman rock boyfriend

Who is Bretman Rock’s mystery boyfriend? Honestly, we don’t know a whole lot about him at all. “He doesn’t care about social media,” Rock said in a YouTube video in which his boyfriend does a full face of makeup for Rock. “I love that he doesn’t care about social media.” Since then, it has been removed from the public domain.

As part of the same video, he talked about how the two of them met: they ran into each other at the mall, and the man who would become Rock’s boyfriend requested a photo for his sisters.

After a few months of dating, they decided to get together. We believe this occurred in the latter part of the decade of the 2010s, but we have no way of knowing for sure. A year or two into the future is the best bet.

Only his face was ever shown in the pictures Bretman Rock posted of him and girlfriend on social media. In the “My Boyfriend does my Makeup” video (which has since been privatised), we heard his deep voice, but that’s all we know about him.

When a public figure is dating a private person, we can understand their desire for privacy. Sadly, their romance did not last.

Let’s discuss the breakup.

How Did Bretman Rock and His Mysterious Boyfriend Met?

Bretman had a long-term relationship with an unidentified man. Bretman posted a picture of him on Valentine’s Day, 2018, even though fans don’t know when they first started dating. It’s a lovely tale. They actually met on an escalator in a mall.

StylesRant claims that: “It was Bretman’s sister’s boyfriend who approached him and requested a picture for them.

Bretman agreed, and they started dating within two months.”

Bretman has a YouTube video titled My boyfriend does my makeup, in which he appears alongside him in multiple photos and Instagram stories.

In a Series of Cryptic Tweets, Announcing the Breakup

Fans were both happy and sad for Bretman, who had just come out of a breakup and was feeling great. He deserved better, and many people agreed with them.

Others were displeased that Bretman and his ex-girlfriend had broken up before his new love interest had been revealed to the public. In fact, news of Bretman and his man’s alleged breakup has been floating around the internet for some time.

After Bretman’s announcement, he posted a video entitled Get ready for a Zoom date with me!

Bretman previously hinted that he and his man had broken up with the help of Big Sean, which some of his fans may recall. He tweeted, “Girl, I’ve got something to share with y’all…” in September 2020.

“Lookup Big Sean and then the title of the fifth song suggested,” he said, directing fans to Spotify to find out what he was trying to convey.

Fans quickly realised that Bretman was referring to Big Sean’s song “Single Again,” but many were unsure if they should take this as confirmation. Bretman followed up with a tweet that read, “…this is the best I could come up with to say that lol but yes you guys I’m good don’t worry about me I’m a bad b*tch.” This seemed to validate the news of a split between the two.

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Bretman is doing just fine, if not better than ever. As if he didn’t already know, the YouTuber is loved and adored more than he could possibly imagine right now, as fans rush to show their support with lots of love and sweet words of encouragement.

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