Who Is Bronny James’s Girlfriend? Unveiling the Slam-Dunk Romance!

LeBron James, a professional basketball player, and his wife, Savannah Brinson, have one son, Bronny James, whose full name is LeBron Raymone James Jr. Bronny James, who was born on October 6, 2004, has become well-known thanks to his famous father and his prowess as a basketball player.

With a love for basketball, Bronny is following in his father’s footsteps. He has participated on numerous youth basketball teams and rose to fame thanks to his on-court exploits. With a sizable social media following and media interest, Bronny has gained many followers who are eager to follow his progress as a basketball player.

It’s vital to note that my knowledge cutoff date is in September 2021, thus Bronny James may have made additional advancements or accomplished more since then.

Who Is Bronny James’s Girlfriend?

bronny james girlfriend

The son of popular NBA star LeBron James, Bronny, is currently in a relationship with his high school classmate Peyton Gelfuso. Both Bronny and Gelfuso are Sierra Canyon School graduates of 2023.

When the two of them went to their prom together in 2023, the talk of their connection was brought up. Their relationship became immediately clear to the public after a few of their social media posts went viral. Bronny looked dapper in a black tuxedo, while Peyton, his companion, donned a stunning white feather dress. She looked excellent next to Bronny and carried the garment with ease.

However, not many people were interested in the news. Bronny has received harsh criticism on Twitter for going on a date with a white girl who is not of his race, along with racial slurs. The 18-year-old received a lot of criticism and hostile remarks from the public. However, a number of people, including NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III, came to his support. The disturbance quickly subsided, and no further news was reported.

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A Look Into Peyton Gelfuso’s Life

bronny james girlfriend

In addition to having ties to Bronny James, Peyton Gelfuso is a travel enthusiast who frequently updates her Instagram with photos and videos. She is an Instagram model with over 46.3K followers as well as a social media content developer. Peyton played soccer, beach volleyball, and tennis in Sierra Canyon while Bronny played basketball.

Her following seems to be growing as a result of her attendance at the prom night with Bronny. At the games, the two have been seen together giving players hints.

Since then, the two have spent some time in the media spotlight. None of them, however, has formally acknowledged their romance. In addition to this, Bronny has hinted at their dating relationship in comments on some of her Instagram postings. If the two are truly dating or if it is just a high school fling, it is best to wait and see.

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Early Rumors of Dating

bronny james girlfriend

Bronny has previously been the focus of rumors regarding his relationships. He was previously said to be dating Peyton, a TikToker with more than a million platform followers.

The rumor started when she and Bronny joined a Bop It trends together. Although the rumor gained a lot of attention, no party has confirmed nor denied it.

Responses to the information that Peyton was Bronny’s rumored girlfriend were mixed. While some people were happy for him, others were angry because he was seeing a white woman.

When he disclosed the types of women he was drawn to in a TikTok video, he had previously encountered criticism for the same reason. He had retorted that he preferred fair-skinned, Caucasian, and Latina women.