Bunnie Xo’s Before Plastic Surgery: The Key to An Irresistible Transformation!

The 42-year-old American fashion model, host, YouTube legend, singer, and wife of well-known American rapper Jelly Roll is also a podcaster. Bunnie has a distinctive appearance because to her body art, blonde hair, green eyes, and fashion preferences.

Rumors regarding her plastic surgery have been circulating ever since she began her profession. She stands out from many others due to the fact that she has been quite open about her plastic surgery, disclosing every tiny detail.

According to Bunnie, she underwent specific operations to improve her appearance. Xo has several tattoos that are inked on her body, and she never misses an opportunity to show them off. She has tattoos on her entire arm, leg, and thigh, as well as an XO on her rib.

A facelift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, lip augmentation, brow lift, botox, cheek implant or cheek augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, and breast implant are among the reported surgical procedures the podcaster is believed to have undergone.

Bunnie Xo Plastic Surgery:bunnie xo before plastic surgery

She made news in the 2000s of undergoing breast implant surgery, an augmentation treatment that would give the breasts a fuller appearance. This is done surgically by inserting silicone or saline breast implants behind the breast muscles or the tissues of the chest.

Anyone who looked at them could tell how they appeared following the treatment. Her public images amply demonstrated that she had undergone the operation.

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Bunnie Xo Rhinoplasty & Blepharoplasty

bunnie xo before plastic surgery

Bunnie allegedly had a rhinoplasty, sometimes known as a “nose job.” In rhinoplasty, the nose’s entire structure is redone, and the nose’s shape and size may be altered. Humans often find the natural form of their noses to be unacceptable; for centuries, people have desired noses that are short, tall, long, fat, pointed, wider, and smaller.

Therefore, having a nose that makes people think they are charming is vital for performers. It was also the situation with Bunnie Xo. According to reports, Bunnie has also had a blepharoplasty. The sagging skin around the eyes would be removed during a cosmetic treatment.

Celebrities and other folks frequently choose blepharoplasty as they age. The muscles sag as we become older, especially the more delicate ones around the eyes. This surgery would therefore remove the extra, wrinkled skin that is located above and below the eyelids. Following this surgery, the skin is tightened, and the facial skin that was loose will disappear.

A basis for preventing the brows and the skin above them from drooping might be tightening the upper eyelid. People choose to take this action in order to get rid of their dotty, undefined eyebrows and sagging, dangling upper eyelids.

As the most obvious aspect and feature of anyone’s face, the eyes, Bunnie was said to have undergone surgery to enhance them.

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Bunnie Xo: Lip Job

bunnie xo before plastic surgery

There haven’t been many people who were content with the size, shape, and color of their lips as they were at birth. To some extent, cosmetics and beauty goods were able to address this issue.

However, certain individuals might need to have flawless lips permanently. When Bunnie Xo decided to get yet another reported lip job, she must have been thinking along these lines.

She was first reported to have had lip fillers, but then it was claimed that she had a full lip augmentation treatment. This technique allows for thicker, fuller lips.

Her upper and lower lips appear different when compared to images from more recent years taken by Xo. Her lips now appear fuller and heavier. In the past, her lips were more swollen and thinner.

Speculations were divided about whether she had nonsurgical or surgical treatments done to achieve fuller lips. While some people are so certain about the augmentation, others still believe her lips are occasionally plumped with fillers.