Caper Labs are making a self-service shopping cart

Caper Labs SHopping Cart
A picture of Caper Labs shopping cart

Caper Labs has taken the idea of smart shopping and put it right into the shopping cart. The idea is that as you shop, the cart automatically scans your items and lets you pay when you’re done. The small touchscreen on the shopping cart would be able to give directions and show promotions.

Currently, the scanner in the Caper Labs shopping cart still requires the user to manually scan each item, like at a traditional checkout. But Caper Labs is aiming to make this process much smoother in the future by using weight sensors and three image recognition cameras built into the shopping cart.

The major benefits of the shopping carts like this are that supermarkets will need far fewer cashiers, shoppers will be able to skip the queue and just leave when they are done. As mentioned, the touchscreen on the cart will be able to point out nearby items on sale and possibly recommend items that you may like.

Caper Labs has two retailers in New York City. They claim that they have seen increased sales since their launch.

Personal Thoughts on Caper Labs:

So this is really interesting, I am worried a bit about being targeted by ads on the screen while I’m shopping. But I think this is more than likely the future of shopping. Whether it be a Caper Labs shopping cart or, something similar to Amazon Go. The cashier-less shops are coming.¬†

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