Car Dragon Song on Tiktok: Viral Trend Misunderstands Users?

Users of the popular video-sharing app TikTok are baffled by the platform’s latest fad.

The ‘Dragon Car’ challenge puts TikTokers in astonishment after taking part and many just can’t comprehend why.

Along with the trend, the music utilized in it has swept the platform with its appealing tune.

Read this article to find out all the details of the latest Car Dragon challenge and the tune featured in it.

What Is the Car Dragon Challenge on Tiktok?

Car Dragon Song on Tiktok

TikTok is a place where users may always be found reacting to the latest news and difficulties in the world.

However, to tackle the Car Dragon challenge, you need to look up exactly what it is. This pattern demonstrates how people felt before and after conducting an internet search on “Car Dragon.”

Some people may be confused by the challenge because there is no hidden meaning beyond what can be seen.

Most of the results for “Car Dragon” on Google Images are depictions of dragons riding or standing next to automobiles.

Users glance toward the camera in disbelief, as though they had made an unexpected discovery.

One theory is that a few photographs on Google show animated dragons getting amorous with a car, which is startling, to say the least.
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Song in The Viral Trend Revealed

Car Dragon Song on Tiktok

TikTokers are curious about the identity of the artist behind the trending Car Dragon video, which has been widely shared on the platform but does not feature the name of the phenomenon anywhere in the music playing in the background.

We have learned that the song featured in the viral trend is made by none other than Soulja Boy. The song, titled Report Card, made its debut in 2009.

But today it’s more well-known than ever because of the platform’s penchant for trends.

On February 2, 2022, @Bebardii uploaded the first TikTok that included a Report Card.

In the clip, the dog of the TikToker can be seen moving its jaw in time to the music.

Over 890,000 people have liked the original TikTok video, which has been viewed over 4.
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7 million times (March 29).

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Here’s What Tiktok Users Have to Say

Car Dragon Song on Tiktok

Some people on TikTok have said they don’t see anything peculiar about the fad and are baffled by it.

They cried out, “Help, I only see cars with dragon prints on them.”

“Alright, I’m finally going to get curious enough to experience it rather than browsing in the comments to see what it’s about,” commented another.

“It’s practically simply a dragon on a car,” one user said.

Help!, another user pleaded.

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