Cardi B Funnily Instagrams Her Laser Hair Removal Procedure: I’m so Afraid

The rapper said, “It’s time to laser my whole body,” as she provided a behind-the-scenes peek at the surgery. Cardi B is preparing for the summer!

The 30-year-old rapper gave her 166 million Instagram followers a funny inside look at her laser hair removal in a video posted on her Instagram Story on Thursday.

The performer, who was lying down and sporting safety goggles, yelled, “It’s that time again, you f—ers. I’m so terrified! My entire body needs to be laser-ed.

The musician announced to the technicians that she was ready, grinned through the discomfort, and insisted, “No, I’m not a p—y!”

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Cardi B Funnily Instagrams Her Laser Hair Removal Procedure: I'm So Afraid

“I told y’all I’m a hairy bitch, but I keep it under control,” she said. “As you are all aware, it gets dark up here and down there. That booty hole should only be brown, please. We can become a little dark at times.

The musician frequently uses social media to show her fans what she does for her health and appearance. She openly released a photo of her swollen feet after having liposuction surgery on her stomach in 2019 to demonstrate the unfavorable side effects.

The rapper wrote on her Instagram Story, “Look how bloated my feet grow every time I travel a plane, image my body. Reasons my doctor advised me to relax while watching TV.

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Cardi B Funnily Instagrams Her Laser Hair Removal Procedure: I'm So Afraid

These pants are far too damn tight. She yelled, “S— was giving my p—y a wedgie!” in the video. “Bro, I detest getting p—y wedgies. My p—y is yelling at me, “Bitch, you’ve f—ed me up.” Bitch, you want a yeast infection? Do you really want a yeast infection? Do you understand what I’m saying?

The singer of “Bodak Yellow” then turned the camera to reveal that she had pushed her slacks down to the middle of her thighs, saying, “Now I gotta ride around this h— like this.”

In a 2021 Twitter video, Cardi discussed the value of being her “true self” as she flaunted her bare skin.

She claimed, “When they see me succeeding, they do everything in their power to bring me down.” Talk about my marriage or my face, please.” On waking, no filter, unbrushed hair, IDGAF. I feel fantastic! And I’ve never been afraid to be authentic.