Carl from “Summer House” Says “There’s No Rules” as He Leans Toward Lindsay’s “Fast” Proposal: It “Feels Right”

In Monday’s episode, Carl Radke disclosed his intention to propose in the coming weeks, and Paige DeSorbo considered getting hitched, confessing, “Being someone’s wife is pretty f—-ing scary.” Kyle Cooke got some shocking news for his 40th birthday.

Carl Radke revealed to Kyle on Monday’s episode of Summer House that he intended to pop the question to Lindsay Hubbard at the conclusion of the summer after only a few months of dating.

Kyle said, “That’s like inside a month.”

Kyle was informed by Carl, 38, that he had chosen a ring but hadn’t yet spoken to Lindsay’s father or picked it up. The creator of Loverboy said, “I’m happy for you guys.

” Carl said in a candid interview that he could have chosen to propose prematurely.

There isn’t a playbook, he declared. “There are no set guidelines about when you should become engaged. I’m simply following my heart and doing what seems right. The most important choice I’ll ever make in my life is this one. I simply know that I’m content. Love has me. This following stage is something I want to do with my closest buddy. Is it fast? Maybe, but I want to make this more formal since I see a future here.”

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'Summer House' 's Carl Declares 'There's No Rules' as He Leans into 'Fast' Proposal to Lindsay: 'Feels Right'

Kyle was informed of this, and Carl acquiesced, saying that while his and Lindsay’s relationship had progressed “quickly,” he had also “known her for so long.”

Kyle then started preparing for his 40th birthday bash. For the occasion, Kyle had grown out his now-famous mullet, according to his wife and co-star Amanda Batula.

The 31-year-old informed the cameras that Kyle’s 2020 New Year’s resolution was to grow a mullet for his 40th birthday. And now that we’re here, I’m hoping that you know, cutting it will be a part of his maturing and growing up.

At the party, Winter House actors Jason Cameron and Rachel Clark appeared, and Lindsay, 36, steered clear of Jason, 35. (After learning she was carrying Jason’s child, Lindsay lost her pregnancy the previous summer.)

Lindsay warned Carl, “He has to stay far away.”

Jason received the message from Carl. The Syracuse University alum texted Jason, “I wanted to give you the heads up, I know Lindsay is a little unhappy with not really knowing you were coming. She might not be making many attempts to engage.

That was “totally understandable” in Jason’s opinion.

Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover chose to discuss their relationship poolside after the Southern Charm actress spoke with Carl, Kyle, and Mya Allen’s boyfriend Oliver while the party was still going strong.

Craig, 34, noted that Lindsay and Carl had been “dating for a very comparable period of time” as he and Paige had, but that they hadn’t felt prepared to go on with their relationship as they had.

We’ve never discussed the intermediate chapters, right? I was like that. Remembering his earlier talk with the boys, Craig informed Paige. We’ve always simply said, “Sure, we’ll live together someplace someday.”

Paige outlined her timetable. She started, “We’ve been dating for a year. “And even though I’m about to be 30, I’ve always believed that I’ll be engaged by then. Yet as I approach my 30th birthday, I don’t want that. For instance, before you ever made the proposal, we would continue our relationship for another year.”

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'Summer House' 's Carl Declares 'There's No Rules' as He Leans into 'Fast' Proposal to Lindsay: 'Feels Right'

Craig responded, “I’m pleased today, and I’m happy doing this for the next year. “So when exactly would you be prepared to relocate to Charleston? Considering that we haven’t discussed this.”

Paige believed that proposing would start the countdown even though Craig insisted that it wouldn’t be necessary to move.

“It would be wonderful if you proposed to me tomorrow, but that would also set off the alarm for questions like, “Alright, when are you moving down? When are you getting married? “She said. “I would say yes, but it’s a lot if you asked me to marry you right now at this f—-ing hoedown with a piece of hay. My entire existence is about to change.”

Paige bemoaned to Craig that by moving, she would be “changing a lot more than you would be.” The fashion commentator admitted that she had no pals in Charleston. “I have no acquaintances. My entire career is there. My relatives live in New York. I want to keep my mother.”

Craig recommended that Paige move to New York City to stop her from crying. I would if it were for you, he said. When you’re ready to start a family.

Kyle made the decision to interrupt the celebration with a shocking speech. Kyle remarked before flashing the audience, “I was like, I’m going to deliver a speech and I’m going to do it with as few clothes as possible because I’m a modest 40-year-old man.

The concept of being engaged, getting married, and becoming someone’s wife is incredibly f—-ing terrifying, Paige continued to tell Amanda and Ciara Miller.

Even at the party, the tense situation between Lindsay and Danielle Olivera persisted. The women gathered to discuss what Danielle, 34, had said about Lindsay and Carl’s romance over a girls’ night meal the weekend before.

“If you truly care about our friendship, you won’t go around and express your feelings to everyone else. You’re going to visit me, “said Lindsay. I’m learning about how you feel in a lot of different ways other than you.

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'Summer House' 's Carl Declares 'There's No Rules' as He Leans into 'Fast' Proposal to Lindsay: 'Feels Right'

Danielle said she thought Lindsay hadn’t been in touch with her recently. The businessman replied, “I don’t feel like you hear me or that we are partners in this friendship on an equal footing.” Our relationship has always been based on me being there for Lindsay.

“And I never stood by you at any point?

” Lindsay questioned. You were never required to be, Danielle retorted. Lindsay advised Danielle that she could be “a little bit more courteous about that than bashing me in a group situation” if she had an opinion about her relationship with Robert.

Danielle asserted that she didn’t see it as a criticism of Lindsay and suggested that if the publicist ever got in touch with Lindsay, she’d know more about what was going on in her life.

Lindsay responded, “I’m really sorry and I love you so much.