Carlton Tavern Before and After- Illegal Demolition of A Historic London Pub!

Kilburn, London’s The Carlton Tavern was demolished in 2015 by Tel Aviv-based developer CLTX because it lacked the required planning authority.

The tavern was later ordered to be rebuilt brick by brick by the authorities.

In 2021, on April 12, it reopened. The bar was the only structure on the street to make it through World War II’s Blitz.

Illegal Demolition of A Historic London Pub

Nearly six years ago, the Carlton Tavern’s manager Patsy Lord left the establishment on Easter Monday afternoon after learning that the business’s previous owners intended to conduct an inventory. When she returned to work two days later, the building had been replaced by a mound of bricks and shattered glass.

The Carlton Tavern, which was on the verge of being granted protected Grade II status by English Heritage, was the only structure on the street to survive the Blitz in World War II. However, an overzealous real estate developer, whose application to convert the Carlton into upscale apartments had already been rejected, instead completely destroyed the building.

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“It surprised me. In my entire life, I have never witnessed anything like it “Rita Begum, a councilwoman for Westminster, told ITV. “There were people drinking inside the pub when I just went by; there was no prior notice. On Wednesday, they were going to officially declare it a listed structure.

carlton tavern before and after

The fact that it was going to be a listed structure, in my opinion, is what motivated the developers to demolish it. The entire neighborhood is in disbelief. How can they carry this out without permission?”

The quick response is: They shouldn’t have, but they still did it. The Tel Aviv-based developer CLTX Ltd. was given an “unusual” order by Westminster City Council in May 2015 demanding it to “recreate in facsimile the building as it appeared just before its demolition.” The Council also refused to accept a feeble attempt to rebuild the Carlton and instructed CLTX to rebuild it from the ground up.

Brick by Brick, Following Illegal Bulldozing, a London Bar Was Reconstructed

The Carlton Tavern’s patrons believed that this was just another egregious instance of developers breaking the law to profit from their bar as they stood next to the ruins of the building.

Bulldozers had torn down the wall of the west London bar from the 1920s, revealing the fully stocked bar and still-on-display darts trophies.

Carlton’s story, however, did not adhere to the typical scenario, in which the developer notifies the local authorities of the fait accompli and pays a fine before moving through with the redevelopment and collecting their gains.

Instead, the Carlton Tavern will reopen next month – lockdown permitting – as a result of the developers being obliged to renovate the pub “brick by brick.” Pub activists claim this decision has created an exceptional precedent.

Polly Robertson, a prominent supporter of the Rebuild the Carlton Tavern movement, recalled that “many believed it was impossible.” “Many people advised Polly that it wasn’t worth it because nothing would change. I simply decided, “No, I’m not going to let it go.”

On April 12, restrictions imposed by Covid-19 are set to be repealed in England, allowing pubs and restaurants to offer food and drinks al fresco. Of the 33,305 pubs in England, none will celebrate it more fervently than the Carlton in Maida Vale.

The Carlton Tavern received its final orders in April 2015. Two days before Historic England was scheduled to suggest the tavern be given Grade-II listed status, the owners ordered its demolition after being denied permission to turn it into 10 flats. Robertson rallied 5,300 residents, including a number of local council members, to get Westminster council to take action.

carlton tavern before and after

It instructed Carlton’s owners, CTLX, to reconstruct it piece by piece.

The decision was affirmed by a planning investigation the following year, which recommended that the pub be rebuilt “in replica,” down to the characteristic tiled tavern name and red brick exterior.

They claimed it would be too challenging to complete, but we had a solution, Robertson said. “We urged Historic England to consider listing it because we had a sense that they would do something before the demolition. Every tile was cast in plaster, and everything was photographed and recorded.

The builders began to reconstruct since they had no other options. And [CTLX] has done incredible work, to be fair, Robertson remarked. It appears great.

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However, praising the destroyers only goes so far. “I don’t think they’ll attend the reopening,” They would be eaten alive by the locals, she warned.

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