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Almost three years after the luxury fashion brand was dragged into a race row over a series of controversial ads -- and offensive private messages allegedly sent from co-founder Stefano Gabbana's Instagram account in response -- D&G appears to still be a label non grata on Chinese social media. Over the weekend, Hong Kong pop singer Karen Mok came under fire on social media for wearing a D&G cloak in the music video for her new song, "A Woman for All Seasons." The backlash was swift, with a hashtag about the incident viewed 490 million times on Chinese microblogging site Weibo as of Thursday. Karen Mok wearing D&G in her music video "A Woman for All Seasons." Karen Mok wearing D&G in her music video "A Woman for All Seasons." Credit: Karen Mok/Vevo/YouTube Users criticized Mok for insulting China, with one calling her a "two-faced person who comes to the mainland to make money." And while others defended the singer, her studio Mok-a-Bye-Baby-Workshop released a statement Monday saying that it "checks all partner brands" but had "neglected to conduct an in-depth investigation" on this occasion. "We apologize and hope to be forgiven by the public," the statement read. The music video has since been purged the from the studio's official channels. "I am truly sorry for being reckless this time. I have no excuse. My team and myself are definitely in the wrong here," Mok later told reporters. Chinese model: Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign 'almost ruined my career' The backlash only added to D&G's woes in mainland China, where a series of controversial promotional videos released in 2018 continue to affect the brand's reputation. The ads, which were posted ahead of a Shanghai fashion show, depicted a Chinese model struggling to eat pizza, cannoli and pasta with chopsticks. Set to a soundtrack of stereotypical Chinese music, the videos featured a patronizing Mandarin voiceover instructing her how to eat the Italian dishes. At the time, D&G apologized for the videos, and said they were "unauthorized" posts. But the ads were berated online by many social media users as racist and disrespectful of Chinese culture.

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