SMITE Season 9: Expected Release Date & Updates!

SMITE Season 9

Hi-Rez Studios designed and launched Smite, an online fighting arena game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Smite is a team-based combat game in which players take on the roles of gods, goddesses, or other mythical characters and battle other gods and non-player-controlled minions using their skills and techniques. This game … Read more

Bayonetta 3: Expected Release Date & Updates!

Bayonetta 3

When it comes to upcoming Nintendo Switch games, Bayonetta 3 is one of the most anticipated. After a long wait, Platinum Games surprised us during the Nintendo Direct showcase in September with a new gameplay trailer and a 2022 release date for Bayonetta. Following the trailer’s release, director Yusuke Miyata’s blog post only served to … Read more

Lost Ark Release Date: Confirmed or Cancelled?

Lost Ark

Smilegate RPG’s new massively multiplayer online role-playing game will be available via Amazon. As of this writing, the product is available in all countries where it was first launched in South Korea in 2018. A long-awaited release in the West has been eagerly anticipated. ” The South Korean region alone saw 250,000 players concurrently during … Read more

The Forest 2 Release Date: Confirmed Or Cancelled?

The Forest 2

Endnight Games created and released The Forest, a survival horror video game, in 2014. And it would not be an exaggeration to say that it took the world by storm due to its superior durability factors and crippling environment. Since then, the neighborhood has been anxiously awaiting the series. Endnight Games debuted The Forest, a … Read more

Fortnite on a Chromebook in 2021: Tips and Tricks

Fortnite on a Chromebook in 2021: Tips and Tricks

 It’s free to play, and you can play it on your computer or mobile device. You can also buy a console version of Fortnite that comes with a physical disc for . 99 USD. If you’re looking for an easy way to get into Fortnite, this article will show you how to download and install … Read more

In Minecraft, How to Make a Crafting Table?

In Minecraft, How to Make a Crafting Table?

Minecraft is an open-world game that allows players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. The player uses resources they gather or create, such as wood and stone, to build these structures. One of the most important items for any builder is the crafting table.  When you’re just getting … Read more

15 Age Of Empires-Like Games You Can Play Right Now!

15 Age Of Empires-Like Games You Can Play Right Now!

 If you’re looking for a game that’s similar to Age of Empires, then these are some great alternatives. These games have the same kind of gameplay and strategy as Age of Empires but with different graphics, storylines, and features.  The game has been ruling the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games genre since its debut in 1997. … Read more