Snapchat Removes Speed Filter Blamed for Numerous Crashes

snapchat speed filter

The firm behind the famous Snapchat app eventually deleted the “speed filter” function from its app this week, which displayed the pace at which a person was travelling when a Snap video was captured, in what seems to be the genesis tale for a number of cases. The elimination of the function, which was introduced … Read more

‘School Shooting Challenge’ on Tik Tok Raises Fears, Parents Alerted

School Shooting Challenge

TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms among school-aged youngsters, has previously been chastised for enabling individuals to submit short videos pushing them to unsafe, destructive, and illegal behaviours. Washington: As schools throughout the nation sent out notifications to parents on Friday, the FBI said it was investigating an apparent school shooting threat … Read more

How Can You Apply a Disney-Style 3 D Filter to Instagram and Snapchat? Here’s a Step-By-Step Instruction to Help You Out.

disney filter instagram

With its graphics-forward method to communication, Snapchat became renowned shortly after its launch in 2011. Users gave their pals stickers, animated figures, and modified photos to add a visual aspect to what was previously a text-based virtual environment. The strategy has paid off nine years later, with over four billion Snaps sent every day. Snapchat … Read more

On Instagram, how Do You Do the ‘Nationality Challenge’? Learn All There Is to Know About the Most Recent Trend.

nationality challenge filter instagram

Over Reels, Instagram is home to social media challenges that become viral. The Nationality Challenge is a new Instagram fad that has lately gained popularity. As the name implies, the task is making a movie depicting how users seem in various national attires, such as Indian, American, and others. Continue reading to learn more about … Read more

Tik Tok Dance Challenge Raises School Security Concerns

Tik Tok Dance Challenge

A large security presence was seen outside Woodlands Secondary School this morning (Monday) after the school received reports that students had been asked to execute the viral Umlando Dance Challenge, in which individuals are encouraged to dance in unusual places while shaking their hips. The challenge has infiltrated several high schools and has become out … Read more

TikTok: What Is The Innocence Test? Complete Info!

TikTok: What Is The Innocence Test? Complete Info!

Since the COVID-19 outbreak has left us all cooped up in our houses trying to find something to occupy our time, the internet has provided us with an abundance of viral tests and assessments. As part of the Innocence Test, we’ve been taken to the four axes test, which measures your political, character, gender, and … Read more Reviews: The Website is Scam or Not Reviews

Registration with this registrar is common among spammers and fraudulent websites alike. Websites with a low to very low trust rating appear to be drawn to the services of the domain registration company. Due to the fact that the Registrar’s “Know Your Customer” process is either weak or non-existent, this may be the case. In … Read more