Find out how to build the perfect Persona!


Do you know who your audience is, how your customers buy and what they want? You may well have a vague idea about these points we mentioned, but nothing will be more effective in answering them broadly than a Persona. As a fictional character who represents your ideal client, it helps you understand and offer … Read more

Now it is possible to see through murky water

In a paper published in Optics Express, researchers have demonstrated the ability to produce clear images through murky water – an advancement that will pave way for rescue operations of drowning victims and submerged vehicles to be much more fruitful. While imaging is definitely a huge challenge when it comes to dirty water as particles … Read more

Quantum sensors with 2D materials could soon be a reality

The year 2019 was filled with hope for development of ultrathin quantum sensors as new studies at the time indicated that it was possible to harness spin defects known as qubits were in 2D materials to develop such sensors. buy eriacta online buy eriacta online no prescription However, later the development came to a halt … Read more