Relationship Between Catherine McBroom and Michael B. Jordan Clarified, Austin’s Wife’s Gesture Causes Twitter Consternation!

Recently, Catherine McBroom and her husband Austin were sighted at a basketball game that Drake and Michael B. Jordan also attended. Catherine is seen casually hugging the singer and walking past the Black Panther star as the YouTuber goes on to welcome Drake and Michael.
Many people are curious as to what happened between Catherine and Michael after watching the viral video. Let us walk you through the rumours regarding Catherine and Michael’s relationship if you, like everyone else, are baffled by their “awkward” exchange.

Relationship Between Catherine Mc Broom and Michael B. Jordan

In 2014, after Catherine and Michael were sighted together in Miami, rumours began circulating online about their possible romantic involvement. Catherine and Michael B Jordan have not commented on the rumours.
This couple’s romance didn’t last long at all. After Catherine wed Austin, their lives became completely submerged. But following Catherine and Michael’s latest encounter at the game, the whispers from the past have resurfaced.

The Marriage of Austin and Catherine Mcbroom

catherine mcbroom and michael b jordan

Austin, of ACE Family fame, allegedly met Catherine in 2015. In January of 2020, the couple posted a video on YouTube in which they discuss their “extremely casual” wedding two years prior.
Catherine stated, in reference to their low-key wedding, “the one thing I do want to say is, we never said we weren’t married, we simply didn’t say that we were.”
Let me start off by saying that none of our parents was present, nor did any other immediate family members. Just the two of us, in a very intimate setting. It was in our backyard, and I wore shorts and a T-shirt.


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Austin McBroom and Catherine have three beautiful children together. In 2016, Elle Lively McBroom joined the family, and in 2018, Alaia Marie McBroom joined her sister. Steel McBroom, their youngest child, was born in June of the year 2020.
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Viewers React on Twitter to The Trending Video!

Twitter users were quick to comment on the video, calling out the “awkwardness” between Catherine and Michael.

On Twitter, one user exclaimed, “Brooo she dated THEE Michael B Jordan!!!
Another person chimed on, “No offence, but everywhere they go, there’s always some weird interaction or awkward moment like I’m sorry, but y’all like the cringiest family I’ve ever met.”

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