10 Celebrities Who Converted to New Religions and Why They Made the Switch…

When you encounter someone who shares your religion, whether it be a neighbor, a coworker, or even a role model you like, it may be a connecting experience. Even while you may not have the opportunity to personally contact famous people, finding out that your favorite actor, singer, athlete, or TV celebrity shares your religious beliefs may be exhilarating. These well-known Christians are open about their relationship with God and talk about how it has helped them advance in their professional lives.

Famous actors, singers, country music artists, and talk show presenters who practice Christianity are all on this list of well-known people who have responded to God’s call at some time in their life. Each of these Christian celebrities has a unique perspective on what Christianity means to them, just like Christianity means something distinctive to you.

During their lives, they have prayed to God for guidance in a variety of situations, including helping with relationships and family issues. You might be shocked by some of the individuals on this list and how much you can relate to their lived experiences if you continue reading to discover more about their adventures. After all, God also regards superstars as mortals.

1. Stephen Baldwin

Celebrities who converted to new religions

As Stephen Baldwin began his acting career in Hollywood, he abandoned his Roman Catholic upbringing much like the majority of his renowned family, including his older brother Alec. Baldwin, who shot to fame in the movie Born on the Fourth of July, attributes his return to Christianity to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The Unusual Suspect: My Called to the New Hardcore Movement of Faith, Baldwin’s faith-based book and his Evangelical ministry are the subjects of his current speaking engagements around the nation.

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2. Gary Busey

Celebrities who converted to new religions

The parts he played in movies like Lethal Weapon and Point Break, as well as his maybe less-than-Christian lifestyle that favored women and cocaine, made Gary Busey one of the most well-known character actors. In 1988, Busey’s motorbike accident resulted in a permanent alteration in his life.

The actor sustained lifelong brain damage in addition to a skull fracture. Busey’s interest in religion was sparked by this great adversity, and in 1996 he declared that he had converted to Christianity. “I am glad to inform Hollywood that I am a Christian,” adds Busey. I can finally be who I am for the first time.

3. George W. Bush

Celebrities who converted to new religions

President George W. Bush was brought up as a Christian by his parents, the 41st President of the United States, George H.W. Bush, and the former First Lady, Barbara Bush, but he quickly renounced a large portion of his religious convictions.

Following years of binge drinking and drug use, Bush was able to sober up and convert to Evangelical Christianity. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, was outspoken about his religious convictions and frequently used the phrase “I pray God speaks through me.” Without it, I couldn’t do my duties.
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4. Kirk Cameron

Celebrities who converted to new religions

Kirk Cameron may have been the most liked and loved television actor of the 1980s and 1990s. The Growing Pains actor was young, attractive, and All-American—but also an atheist. That last quality may surprise some people who are already familiar with Cameron.

As a youngster, Cameron made the decision to become a Christian, and now he is a well-known preacher. He has authored several novels that are Christian. In addition, he has produced several Christian movies, including three that are based on the well-known Left Behind series.

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5. Alice Cooper

Celebrities who converted to new religions

The “Godfather of Shock Rock,” Alice Cooper, is a devoted Christian. Surprised? Cooper startled many of his most devoted fans in 2006 when he said he was giving up his wild lifestyle and becoming a born-again Christian. The legendary musician is still most known for his grandiose live shows, gothic music and look, and his love of women, drugs, and alcohol, which are all staples of the rock and roll lifestyle.

Cooper claims he’s still a rebel even though his devotion to Christianity enabled him to leave behind such a destructive way of life. Beer drinking is simple. It’s simple to trash your hotel accommodation. That’s a difficult decision for a Christian, though. It is disobedience.

6. Bob Dylan

Celebrities who converted to new religions

The “voice of a generation,” Bob Dylan, said in the 1970s that he had accepted Christ as his personal Savior. Even two gospel albums, “Saved” and “Slow Train Coming,” were released by him. John Lennon was among the many of his admirers who found Dylan’s conversion to Christianity horrifying.

In reaction to Dylan’s evangelistic song “Gotta Serve Someone,” the former Beatle even released a single titled “Serve Yourself.” Dylan has mostly kept his religious beliefs a secret throughout his life, however, he recently stated that he “still believes in Jesus.”

7. Jane Fonda

Celebrities who converted to new religions

Maybe no one was more astonished than the actress Jane Fonda when she revealed in 2001 that she had become a Christian. “I always assumed I was an atheist,” she said.
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During a personal difficulty, Fonda admitted to Charlie Rose in 2006 that she had discovered Religion. She said that her 10-year marriage to “staunch atheist” Ted Turner ended because of her conversion. Nowadays, Fonda calls Christianity her “spiritual home.”

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8. George Foreman

Celebrities who converted to new religions

Heavyweight boxer George Foreman almost passed away in 1977 after a 12-round match against the legendary Jimmy Young. Foreman decided to become a born-again Christian after asking God for a second opportunity. Foreman currently serves as a minister at his own church, built a youth center, and often works with The 700 Club and Trinity Broadcasting Network.

9. Jeff Gordon

Celebrities who converted to new religions

Despite having left NASCAR, Jeff Gordon remains one of the most well-known drivers in the history of the competition. He is also among the most well-known people to become a Christian. Gordon claims that despite coming from a nonreligious household, he has always had some faith in God.

He didn’t feel he could finally follow his long-held interest in religion until he met Brooke (Sealey, his future wife, whom he divorced in 2003). Gordon joined Bible studies soon after they got married and underwent baptism.

10. Katie Holmes

Celebrities who converted to new religions

Actress Katie Holmes, who was reared in a traditional Catholic household, formally renounced her Christian faith in 2006 when she wed renowned Scientologist Tom Cruise. When it was revealed that the former Dawson’s Creek star had given birth to daughter Suri through a “silent delivery,” in accordance with accepted Scientology practice, the former star of the show ignited a firestorm of criticism.

It was rumored that Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise in 2012 because she did not like the notion of bringing up her kid in the Church of Scientology. Instead, they relocated to New York City, where Holmes rediscovered her Catholic religion and enrolled her daughter in a prestigious Catholic school.