Famous Celebrities Who Have Publicly Disclosed Their Sexuality As…

More genderfluid and non-binary celebrities are beginning to take the spotlight and share their tales as media visibility increases. Like sexuality, gender is a continuum, and many people fall at either end of it. Some individuals, who don’t identify as either male or female and are open about their non-binary identities, fall somewhere in the middle.

One wonders what people’s gender identities would be like if the gender binary had never been developed in the first place as the idea of the gender binary progressively begins to fade (we could have a much deeper and more beautiful expression of gender).

Demi Lovato

Celebrities who've come out as transgender or non-binary

On Instagram, Demi Lovato declared that they identify as non-binary and would use the pronouns they/them. In a video posted to their stream, they stated, “For the past year and a half, I’ve been doing some healing and self-reflective work and through this work, I’ve had the epiphany that I identify as non-binary.
“With that stated, I’ll formally switch to using they/them as my pronouns.

This, in my opinion, most accurately captures the fluidity I experience in how I display my gender and enables me to feel most genuine to the person I both already know and am continually getting to know.” Yet Demi insisted that they would keep dressing whatever they pleased. They said as much on their podcast, 4D with Demi Lovato. “There could be a point when I want to wear a complete wig.” There may be times when I feel entirely femme-presenting, but that doesn’t imply I’m identifying as a woman at that time; it just means it’s what I want to wear at that particular time.

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Jonathan Van Ness

Celebrities who've come out as transgender or non-binary

In an interview with Out, Jonathan Van Ness disclosed that he is non-binary. “As I become older, I begin to believe that I am gender nonconforming or non-binary. For example, there are days when I feel like a lady and other days when I feel like a male. I don’t really — I believe that my energy is fairly dispersed. Whatever chance I have to dispel binary preconceptions, I’m up for it and ready to help.”

Jonathan further mentioned that he likes the pronouns he/him and that he only lately discovered the existence of non-binary people. “Simply put, I was unsure of the name. Honey, I’ve been wearing heels, makeup, skirts, and other things for a while. I just had no idea what that meant or that I even had a title.”

Janelle Monáe

Celebrities who've come out as transgender or non-binary

In January 2020, Janelle Monáe—who is also pansexual—came out. They really made the announcement on Twitter using the hashtag #IAmNonbinary while quoting a now-deleted Steven Universe joke “Are you a lady or a boy? I am knowledge.” Janelle spoke about their choice in an interview with The Cut. “Are you a male or a girl? from Steven Universe is a meme that I tweeted. I identified with “I’m an experience” because, as someone who has challenged gender barriers since the start of my profession, it spoke to me. I sense my feminine energy, my male energy, and unidentifiable energy “they said.

Sam Smith

Celebrities who've come out as transgender or non-binary

They identified more in the center of the gender spectrum, according to Sam Smith, who told The Sunday Times before the publication of their second album. They added, “I’m not sure what the title would be, but I feel just as much a lady as a male.” Sam publicly revealed his non-binary identity during an “I Weigh” interview.

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Asia Kate Dillon

Celebrities who've come out as transgender or non-binary

When Asia became the first non-binary actor to appear on TV, they created history. The first non-binary character to routinely appear on TV was played by them in their breakthrough role as Taylor Mason on Billions.
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Also, they have stated that acting out Taylor helped them recognize that they are non-binary.

Tears began to spring up in their eyes as they read the second episode’s screenplay and came across the phrase “they, theirs, and their,” they said to Refinery 29. “What eventually brought me to full-fledged tears was when I read Axe’s reaction, which is, ‘Alright,’ and then the story simply continues.”

Shea Couleé

Celebrities who've come out as transgender or non-binary

Shea Couleé is one of several drag artists that describes herself as non-binary or genderfluid. Shea utilizes they/them pronouns when she is not in drag and she/her pronouns when she is. Shea discussed her struggle with identification in an interview with Them. “I believe today that being a gender non-binary person occupying drag settings is liberating,” she added. “After I started to utilize drag as gender performance, to study that and understand my identity through that. “Everything I do in those environments is as truly me as I can be,” the speaker said.
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Angel Haze


With the release of her first commercially successful album, Dirty Gold, in 2013, Angel Haze has been breaking down barriers in the rap arena. She admitted in 2016 that she identifies as agender and that she doesn’t have a preference for pronouns. “It doesn’t matter to me if you refer to me as “him” or “she.” I don’t see myself as belonging to any sex. I saw myself as having experienced “She spoke with The Evening Standard.

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Emma Corrin

Celebrities who've come out as transgender or non-binary

Emma Corrin played Princess Diana in season 5 of Netflix’s The Crown before landing a job opposite Harry Styles in My Policeman. In July 2021, they made a covert announcement by switching the pronouns in their Instagram bio to “they/she.” Emma said that Princess Diana’s “openhearted” character motivated them to explore their own gender identification in an August 2021 interview with The New York Times. Because she was such a multifaceted person, they said, “I feel like Diana helped me explore so many levels of myself and really conduct a major internal discovery of what I was feeling about things.”