Unveiling the Incredible Hidden Talents of Your Favorite Celebrities

Celebrities, like the rest of us common folk, rely on their list of pastimes to help them stay grounded and calm. But, in contrast to us, every side business and interest picked up by our favorite celebrities is frequently completed in a near-perfect manner, making our own performance of “Free Bird” seem easy.

These superstars undoubtedly missed their calling, whether the secret ability is horrifyingly spooky (Kesha making art from human teeth) or oddly human (Ellen Page juggling oranges). These are the famous people who have incredible hidden skills.

Margot Robbie—Tattoo Artist

celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

Margot Robbie made lifelong bonds with her crew members while filming Suicide Squad in the same manner that many of us do—by getting them inked. Robbie has reportedly inked over 100 tattoos so far, and, in her opinion, things are just getting worse. She is at least upfront about her side business.

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Geena Davis—Archer

celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

The multi-talented actress once participated in the U.S. Olympic archery semifinals in 1999. Davis finished 24th out of 300 despite not making the Olympic team for the 2000 Summer Games. Given that the actor had just taken up the pastime two years before competing, it’s not too bad.

Mike Tyson—Pigeon Racer

celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

We’ll give you a quick rundown on pigeon racing if you’re not familiar with it. A homing pigeon, a particular breed of the domestic pigeon, is released from a cage 100 miles from its coop, and its journey back is timed. This pastime might seem a little… weird for one of the hardest fighters in history.

Yet according to Tyson, he’s always loved pigeons and kept a pigeon coop in a seedy part of Brooklyn when he was a kid. As Tyson clarifies “When we’re with the homers, the vibe is very different from when we’re on the roof with our birds. We are up there, and it almost seems therapeutic.”

Mark Ruffalo—Unicyclist

celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

When Mark Ruffalo rode the unicycle on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show in 2015, he taught us all a lesson in poise and balance. Before getting on one during the performance, Ruffalo said that it had been more than 25 years since he last rode a unicycle. For some reason, it doesn’t seem out of place to picture Ruffalo pedaling a unicycle along the street.

Jack White—Upholsterer

celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

He is a man’s man, Jack White. Before starting The White Stripes, Jack White worked as the founder of Third Man Upholstery, an upholstery business, full-time. In more recent times, White has returned to his beloved pastime after accepting a contract from Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN, to repair a couch. The couch acquired a high degree of retro cool, much like White’s personal style.

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Pierce Brosnan—Fire-Eater

celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

It turns out that the James Bond bad boy had a few fairly risky pastimes. According to Brosnan, the only thing that drew him into a fire-eating clinic in 1969 was the topless ladies, so he decided to give it a shot. Really, why not? Brosnan has performed in front of the public a few times after this clinic, but he has generally given up the sport.

Justin Bieber—Master of The Rubik’s Cube

celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

Although the pop singer’s two-minute solution time is considerably longer than the world record of 4.69 seconds, we still find it remarkable that he can do the task so rapidly. He should maybe use this approach to solve his romantic problems as well. Apologies, Selena.

Conan O’Brien—Tap Dancer

celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

Conan O’Brien, a late-night host, and comedian learned how to tap dance when he was a small child, and he still takes advantage of any chance to demonstrate his talent in inventive, entertaining ways. His quickness and fluid movements are still significantly superior to many other individuals his age, despite the fact that he is not the finest tap dancer in the world.

Christina Hendricks—Accordion Player

celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

Christina Hendricks is a gifted bombshell who is also an accomplished accordion musician, as you may have seen on a Mad Men episode. Hendricks gave an explanation of her reasons for picking up the accordion ten years ago in a conversation with LA Times Magazine. Also, I believe it to be a really romantic instrument that channels all the things I adore, including Tom Waits and French culture, as well as everything I strive to have in my home. Sounds ethereal.

Jennifer Garner—Clogger

celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

Jennifer Garner, a former Alias actress, has previously acknowledged having a variety of “hillbilly” skills, including playing the spoons, the saxophone, and, yes, clogging. If you’re not familiar with this type of dance, it’s an Appalachian tradition that calls for wooden dancing shoes to be worn by performers. And while it might not be the most glamorous pastime, Garner can definitely pull off those wooden shoes.