Chantel Everett of 90-Day Fiancé Accuses Pedro Jimeno in Divorce Documents of Adultery and Domestic Violence!

Chantel Everett of 90-Day Fiancé Accuses Pedro Jimeno in Divorce Documents of Adultery and Domestic Violence!

According to court records, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, a well-known couple from the fourth season of TLC’s “90 Day Fiance” and its spinoff “The Family Chantel,” have filed for divorce after Everett accused Jimeno of domestic abuse.

The pair filed divorce papers in a Georgia court on May 26, claiming that they had been apart since April 27. The two have since leveled accusations against one another in many lawsuits.

Jimeno claimed that Everett had moved money from a joint bank account days before they split up in paperwork submitted on May 27.

Jimeno’s counsel stated in May that “on or about April 23rd, 2022, Defendant withdrew roughly $257,000.00 of the Parties’ joint monies and deposited it into an account in Defendant’s name and her sister’s name.”

Everett claimed in court filings submitted on Thursday that she was seeking a divorce due to adultery and “physical domestic violence as well as emotional agony.”

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They appeared in season four of “90 Day Fiancé,” a show that follows the international fiancés of Americans as they choose whether or not to get married during the course of a special 90-day visa. Everett and Jimeno were engaged while visiting his native Dominican Republic, after which he came to Atlanta to live with her.

Their families argued throughout the shows, and the pair frequently, and even physically, fought. Their four-season spin-off, which began after they wed in 2017, featured their marital issues prominently. Insider’s request for comment from TLC was not immediately answered.

According to court records, the couple obtained a mutual restraining order against one another by October 28, 2021, which restricted their freedom to decide financially on their own about joint interests and debts. The restraining order is intended to last until the conclusion of their divorce.

Jimeno and Everett’s legal counsel did not immediately reply to Insider’s requests for comment.

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