Chat GPT: How to Use the Viral AI Chatbot that Everyone’s Talking About

Moreover, OpenAI recently unveiled ChatGPT Plus, a new, premium, paid version of their chatbot. You may only presently sign up for the waitlist, but when it is available, the cost will be $20 per month. Faster replies, access to new features before anybody else, and access even during busy hours are all perks of ChatGPT Plus.

Chat GPT ‘At Capacity’ Network Error

Recently, when trying to use ChatGPT, several users have been encountering an “at capacity” message. The attempt to employ unapproved paid applications, which have already saturated app stores and conned many into paying for a free service, is probably motivated by this.

It appears that OpenAI has been limiting access when their servers are “at capacity” because of how much ChatGPT costs to operate. It can take many hours to wait it out, but if you’re persistent, you’ll succeed. This is the largest obstacle preventing wider usage of ChatGPT out of all the issues it is currently experiencing. On a number of occasions over the previous several months, ChatGPT has been pulled offline for maintenance for many hours due to the heavy demand.

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Does Chat GPT Need to Be Downloaded?


ChatGPT may be accessed online; no downloading is required. Despite the fact that there are many phony versions available in app stores, OpenAI has yet to publish an official app. Due to the fact that these are not official ChatGPT programs, they should be installed and used with caution.

Nevertheless, there are a few other ways to install ChatGPT.

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To begin with, use Edge to access the ChatGPT website and save it as a Windows app. Visit the website, select the ellipsis menu, then select Apps. To launch ChatGPT from your desktop, select Install this site as an app.

You may also download the ChatGPT source code from GitHub, but keep in mind that doing so necessitates some technical know-how in order to make the app function. For instance, you may install a GPT-powered Discord bot on your Discord server. The MagicSlides extension for Google Sheets is only one example of how many people have used the technology to create their own apps.

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How to Use Chat GPT

The Chatgpt Homepage Is Straightforward and Has a Text Box for Users to Enter Queries at The Bottom of The Page as Well as A Space for The Results to Fill. Although We Started with Questions, Openai Suggests Entering a Statement for The Best Outcome.

Although both queries will get very extensive results, typing “explain how the solar system was constructed” will produce a more thorough result with more paragraphs than typing “how was the solar system made.” Also, you have the choice to be more particular by entering requests for a Wikipedia article or an essay with a specified amount of paragraphs. When we asked students to “write a four-paragraph essay describing Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,” we received a very thorough response.

If there is sufficient data, the generator will execute the commands with precise information. Otherwise, ChatGPT can start filling in the gaps with inaccurate information.

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OpenAI states that these occurrences are uncommon. However, ChatGPT now has “little awareness of world events after 2021,” according to the company.

Yet, you have the choice of continuing to enter questions until you exit your browser or resetting the thread to remove your earlier ones.

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Moreover, you may choose to utilize ChatGPT in light or dark mode.

Moreover, several services have added ChatGPT functionality to their applications. Recently, Snapchat launched My AI, a ChatGPT-based AI model that would be immediately included in the Snapchat app, as one example.

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How to Get an Account with Open Ai


It’s quite easy to use the ChatGPT chatbot since all you have to do is enter your text to get the information. To utilize any of OpenAI’s tools, you must first create an account, so if you don’t already have one, you must do so. You can select a simple login option using a Google or Microsoft account.

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If you have any other types of emails, you may manually input them instead. A phone number must then be entered; however, a virtual phone number (VoIP) cannot be used to register for OpenAI. The setup will be finished after you enter the confirmation number you will get on the registration page.

You know you have properly registered when you observe some housekeeping rules for ChatGPT, such as possible data mistakes, how OpenAI gathers data, and how users can offer comments.

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What Does Chat GPT’s Future Hold?

There’s no denying that ChatGPT has taken the IT industry by storm right now, and this trend shows no signs of stopping. The accuracy and functionality of ChatGPT are expected to be greatly enhanced in ChatGPT-4, the following iteration of the model.

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The New York Times stated that it will debut sometime in the first quarter of 2023, however, there is still no official release date for it.

But, how ChatGPT is linked to other programs will be the more significant advancement. According to reports, Microsoft invested several billion dollars in ChatGPT, and their investment is already beginning to pay off. When OpenAI’s services originally appeared as an integration, Teams Premium, they were used to automate chores and offer transcripts. Now that ChatGPT is integrated into Bing, it’s just a matter of time until more OpenAI technologies, including those in ChatGPT, are integrated into programs like PowerPoint and Word.

All of this is to argue that, if you think AI is significant now, wait until it is included into the most popular work and educational apps. Although we don’t yet know how or when this will begin to be implemented, it will undoubtedly play a significant role in ChatGPT’s future.