Chet Hanks Apology- Did Chet Hanks Succeed Where Scarlett Johansson and Stephen King Failed?

chet hanks apology

Chester Marlon Hanks (born August 4, 1990) is an American actor and musician who goes by the stage name Chet Hanx. He has had recurring parts in Empire and Shameless as the son of actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. In the Showtime legal drama miniseries Your Honor, Hanks played Joey Maldini.

Early Years

Chet Hanks is Tom Hanks’ third kid and the firstborn to him and actress Rita Wilson. Hanks’ parents took him to a wilderness therapy camp for troublesome teenagers called Second Nature when he was in high school. Hanks later attended Aspen Education Group’s Oakley School, a now-defunct therapeutic boarding school in Oakley, Utah. There, Tom Hanks played lacrosse.

chet hanks apology

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Hanks went on to Northwestern University to study theatre and was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Colin Hanks, his older half-brother, is an actor.

When Asked if He Has Anything to Say to Marginalized Communities, Chet Hanks Refuses to Apologize

Chet Hanks made an attempt to confront his cultural appropriation, but it backfired.
The son of Tom Hanks was questioned if he feels the need to “apologize to any underprivileged communities” during an interview with Zie.

Chet has been chastised for his “Atlanta” and “White Boy Summer” speeches in which he uses a Trinidadian accent. โ€œNah. “I don’t feel like I’ve done anything terribly inappropriate,” Chet explained.

When Ziwe inquired if he believes his actions are a “promotion of culture” and that “social justice warriors can kick rocks,” he continued to nod.

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“Yeah, yeah, yeah…. yeah!” He replied, “No, I completely agree.” “Warriors for social justice can kick rocks.” We previously told ET about landing the Chet interview.

“He wrote me suddenly, like, praising me on my work, and then I asked him, ‘Oh hey, do you want to do the show?'” she revealed, admitting he won over her staff. “The crew is turning against me.” Nothing on the tape could convey the moment they walked away from me and into Chet Hanks’ arms.”

Did Chet Hanks Succeed Where Scarlett Johansson and Stephen King Failed?

You can be wealthy and renowned beyond most people’s wildest dreams, but you’ll almost certainly have to bow to the woke mob.

Just ask Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson, two mega-stars who did exactly that when questioned about a certain film role. Berry received a hostage-like apology for “considering” a role in which she would portray a transgender man.

Johansson’s transgression? She, too, had marked a project in which she’d portray a trans person. Her Apology TourTM spanned multiple news cycles.

Stephen King, undoubtedly the most famous name in popular literature, backed down after suggesting that art should be judged on its quality rather than diversity quotas.

This is only a partial list. “Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul,” by this critic, contains many more examples It’s for this reason that Chet Hanks’ recent presence on Showtime’s “Ziwe” is both surprising and perhaps significant.

Chet Hanks, who? He is the son of actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, as well as a thespian himself. He’s also a flawed individual who has admitted to having substance addiction issues and has spent time in a teen facility for disturbed youth. Chet Haze is his stage name, and he is known for his rap music.

All of this led him to “Desus & Mero” alum Ziwe Fumudoh’s late-night show on Showtime. The show’s host is proud of her weakness and incorporates it into her show. Although a good faith attempt to locate the show’s rating history failed, the show is already in its second season.

Hanks was asked whether he wanted to apologize for any of his previous misdeeds by the host. She asked him about “marginalized populations” and whether he thought his art was guilty of “cultural appropriation.”

Most celebs would immediately do so. They’re on camera, face to face with a black female talk show presenter, and they’re well aware of the expectations.

“I apologize. I swear to be a supporter.” And so on. The show even set up an “Apology Cam” graphic in case the visitor felt compelled to apologize.

Not Hanks, though. โ€œNah. He claims, “I don’t believe I’ve done anything truly objectionable.” “So social justice warriors may go kick rocks?” says the presenter, offering him yet another opportunity to apologize.

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โ€œYeah. Yeah. “It’s true,” he says slowly but steadily. “I wholeheartedly concur. “Warriors for social justice can kick rocks.” He then uses his palm, similar to a wrist flick, to shoo the imagined SJWs away.

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