Siesta Key’s Chloe Trautman Transformation And Weight Loss By 50 Pounds!

Chloe Trautman discussed how fans will see a different side of her this season on MTV’s Siesta Key in an exclusive interview with E! News. Read till this article and know more about Chloe Trautman.

Who Is Chloe Trautman?

American television personality Chloe Trautman, 26 years old and born on September 6, 1995, is well-known in the public eye. She gained notoriety as a result of her participation in the MTV reality series Siesta Key.

She began posting her photos on Instagram after becoming well-known from her show, where she has amassed a sizable following over the years.

chloe trautman weight loss

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Chloe Trauntman Weight Loss

Chloe Trautman of Siesta Key underwent a complete body makeover over the past year, losing 50 pounds and changing how she feels on the inside and out.

After struggling to keep up on a ski trip the previous year, the reality star, 25, knew she needed to change, but breaking up with her ex-boyfriend made her decision clear.

chloe trautman weight loss

Trautman told E! News, “There was kind of a moment — literally on a mountain in Aspen — where I was struggling to ski and tumbling down it and that was a moment where my physical transformation started. “I needed to get healthy because I weighed 50 pounds more than I do now. The bigger shift really began to take place after my ex and I broke up in June of last year.”

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How Chloe Trautman Lost Weight?

chloe trautman weight loss

Trautman made the decision to become vegan, give up alcohol, and work out more.

The biggest thing, in her opinion, is simply being as active as you can, she said. “I’ve been sober curious for about a year now and you’ll see that journey on the show,” she said. “Exercising, practising yoga, taking walks and bike rides, and avoiding processed foods.”

In a March 10 Instagram post, Trautman gave her followers their first look at her weight loss progress with side-by-side images showcasing the transformation in her appearance.

She wrote as the post’s caption, “One year later.” “Nothing can stop you when you stop thinking negatively and pay attention to what your true heart is saying. Even though I’m very proud of how far I’ve come physically, I’m even more so of my mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. This past year has been one of genuine change.”

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Chloe Trauntman Remarkable Works

Before she made an appearance on a television programme, Chloe was studying cosmetology. She debuted on the renowned reality television programme Siesta Key. In the first season of the show, she was spotted showing off her beauty. On July 31, 2017, this season, in which she did well, was broadcast. She later left the show as well because she thought it had grown to be very toxic.