Chris Tucker Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career!

Chris Tucker has a $5,000,000 wealth. U.S. actor Chris Tucker. Chris began his start as a stand-up comedian before getting his break in the acting world.

Over the course of his career, he has appeared in some very remarkable films and performances. The year 1992 marked his entry into the field. Chris Tucker’s breakout role as James Carter in the Rush Hour films catapulted him to stardom in Hollywood.

Chris Tucker’s notoriety stems not only from his acting roles but also from his stand-up routines. He has continued to do stand-up comedy on a variety of TV shows. He has also made a couple of appearances on Netflix.

Personal Information

Net Worth:$5 Million
Name:Chris Tucker
Salary:$0.5 Million +
Monthly Income:$40,000 +
Date of Birth:August 31, 1971
Height:1.85m. (6′ 1″)
Profession:Actor, comedian

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Chris Tucker Biography

chris tucker net worth

Chris Tucker entered this world on August 31, 1971, in Atlanta, Georgia. With five older siblings, Chris was the baby of the family. Because he was one of five siblings, he was never lonely. Chris’s hometown is Decatur, Georgia. Thereafter, he relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue a profession in stand-up comedy. Even as a young child, Chris understood that laughing, the most potent emotion there is, was the property of wit.

A person’s success is directly proportional to their ability to make others laugh. Chris’s peers and educators were well aware of his abilities and consistently encouraged him to pursue them. He enjoyed imitating Eddie Murphy’s comedic style, so much so that he dubbed himself and others in the school.


Chris Tucker graduated from Columbia High School in 2016. He, therefore, abandoned his academic pursuits and relocated to Los Angeles in order to launch a professional stand-up comedy career. The gift of humor was passed down to him.

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Tucker first gained notoriety through his appearances on “Def Comedy Jam,” but he had already established himself as a stand-up comedian in Atlanta venues. His first major film role was in the 1994 comedy “House Party 3.”

In the middle of the ’90s, he made a string of increasingly high-profile performances, the most memorable of which was his role as Ice Cube’s comical sidekick in the film “Friday.”

The film was only somewhat successful upon its initial release, but it has since become a cult classic and spawned two sequels, neither of which feature Tucker.

Tucker kept acting for the next few years in a wide range of independent films, but it was his breakout performance in the science fiction thriller “The Fifth Element” in 1997 that truly catapulted him to stardom. The film was a financial success despite earning negative reviews from several critics.

Despite this, Tucker’s performance in the film was widely praised, and the movie won him even more attention. Even though Tucker appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown that same year, his stardom didn’t truly take off until the following year.

In Brett Ratner and Jackie Chan’s 1998 blockbuster “Rush Hour,” Tucker played Detective James Carter. Several critics have praised Chan and Tucker for their portrayals of the two contrasting police officers. The action comedy opened to $33 million in box office receipts, a phenomenal start for any film. The final worldwide total for the film’s earnings was over $244 million.

Tucker’s career reached new heights with the smash hit of the first Rush Hour movie. In short order following that, Tucker requested and received a $20 million compensation to star in the 2001 Rush Hour sequel. The film stuck to the tried and true structure of the classic Chan/Tucker buddy comedy that had previously proven so popular with audiences. Because of this, it was the highest-grossing film in its first weekend, earning nearly $67 million. More than $347 million was made from it around the world.

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Personal Life

chris tucker net worth

Chris Tucker and their ex-wife Azja Pryor share a son. He also had a strong friendship with Michael Jackson before the singer’s death and is still on good terms with Jackie Chan, a former co-star.

It was in 2001 that Tucker appeared in the music video for Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World,” and in 2009, he attended Jackson’s funeral ceremony. Chris was a vocal supporter of Barack Obama in his 2008 presidential campaign. In addition to spending time in Bel Air and Atlanta, Tucker also frequents Las Vegas.

Moreover, Tucker has claimed to be a “born-again” Christian. This has led to his removing all swearing from his stand-up sets. It’s also rumored to be one of the main factors that prevented him from accepting roles as Smokey in both “Friday” follow-ups.

How much does Chris Tucker make per movie in addition to his overall net worth?

Chris Tucker, an American comedian, and actor is worth $5 million according to sources. It’s hard to imagine, but in the late 1990s, when Chris’s acting career was at its peak, he earned more money than any other actor on the planet. Tucker, following the massive success of the original “Rush Hour” film in 1999, negotiated a payment of $20 million to star in the sequel. In today’s dollars, that’s the same as making $40 million from a single film.

He then went on to negotiate a $40 million contract with New Line Cinema for two films, $25 million of which would come from Rush Hour 3. In addition, 20% of the profits from Rush Hour 3 went to Tucker. Chris made at least $50 million total, which is roughly equivalent to $65 million when taking into account the effects of inflation on his earnings from the Rush Hour franchise alone.

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Financial Troubles

To what extent does this explain his “poor” current net worth? Chris has hit numerous financial roadblocks throughout the years. In 2011, Tucker was deep in IRS debt due to a string of poor financial decisions. Chris owed the IRS $11 million in back taxes for the years 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2005, according to his federal and state tax returns. The debt reached $14 million by 2014.

In 2014, Tucker paid off his tax debt.

Chris stands to gain considerably financially if, as has been speculated, a Rush Hour 4 film gets produced.

Real Estate

He was facing foreclosure on his Florida estate of eight thousand square feet about this time. He spent $6 million on the house back in 2007. Unfortunately, he put the 1-acre waterfront property up for sale in 2010 at a price of $2 million, accepted an offer of $1.7 million in March 2012, and lost $4.3 million.

Chris openly declared in 2011 that he lacked sufficient funds to cover his living expenses when he filed his taxes.

He made $2.1 million off the sale of a 6,399-square-foot property in Tarzana, California in 2013. When he purchased this house in November of 1996, he did it for a whopping $1.1 million. His neighbor’s house cost him $2.4 million in 2001. He made $3 million off of the sale of this house in 2009.

He apparently still owns two properties, one in Los Angeles that his ex-girlfriend is living in and another in Georgia.

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