Chrisean Rock Girlfriend- Chrisean Rock & Blueface Argue on IG Live!

On March 14, 2000, Chrisean Rock entered the world. She has achieved fame as both a musician and cultural icon.

Chrisean, 22 years old, has numerous songs available on Spotify, including Lonely, Rainy Days, and Vibe, with the latter receiving over a million plays.

Chrisean has amassed over 800,000 Instagram followers under the username @chriseanrockbabyy.

When Did Blueface and Chrisean Rock Start Dating?

Many rumors have circulated about the rapper’s romantic life. Blueface and Chrisean have not come out as an official couple since they like to keep their relationship details confidential. Therefore, many people have called it a situationship, and in April 2022, Blueface denied rumors that they were dating.

In response to the rapper’s mother’s social media allegation that the two were now serious, he replied, “My mom don’t speak for me or none I got going on privately ain’t none official wit nobody.”

After his mother accused him of prostitution with Chrisean in August 2022, he once again turned on her. His words were as follows: “None of what my mother told me was real. I’ve completely lost touch with that woman due to the advent of the internet.

chrisean rock girlfriend

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Chrisean, who has four tattoos dedicated to Blueface, explained that she did so out of love during an interview with The Shade Room on August 5, 2022.

She did, however, say that Blueface is “accustomed to being a player” and hence pays no attention to her.

Blueface Allegedly Asked Her to Be His Girlfriend, According to Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s relationship has always been tumultuous. Whether it’s through their public appearances or their heated debates on social media, these two have managed to keep themselves in the spotlight.

However, after some recent back-and-forth, Rock claims they are now an official item. They had a street fight only a week ago. Their scuffle was caught on film, and it ended with both of them crumpling to the ground. Chrisean’s claimed sexual interactions with another male led to their fight.

A couple days after they made out on the sidewalk, Blueface’s baby mommy gave birth to the couple’s second child. Blue gave his BM, Jaidyn Alexis, a personalized chain with her name on it as a nudge present. Rock, predictably offended, soon moved to Twitter and other social media platforms to mock the unfolding events.

chrisean rock girlfriend

In a video, she can be heard saying, “This sht funny, giving a btch a chain.” “I don’t need you guys or any of this turmoil if I remove myself from this circumstance.” But that wasn’t the end of her tirade. She kept on drinking, tweeting, and recording videos about it until she finally felt the urge to quit.

She did, for a time, but her following tweet stunned the Twittersphere when she returned. “As of today, I am now officially his girlfriend [smilies] In a blue heart emoji, she added, “August 10, 2022.”

On Instagram Live, Chrisean Rock and Blueface Get Into It

The rapper’s plans to have a second child with another woman sparked an argument between the couple. “Let me tell you what hurt,” Chrisean said to Blueface on Instagram Live. I remember you telling me to stop having babies, and then you went and had one with someone else.

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Chrisean responded, “Then you post the b#### on the page,” indicating that the argument had not yet ended. “What do you mean?” “Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed. You could have given her that uglier-than-ugly-assed gift without the cameras, she continued.

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