What Type of Plastic Surgery Did Christine Quinn Undergo?

The highly anticipated return of the critically acclaimed Netflix series brings with it the addition of new agents to the ranks of The Oppenheim Group. The plot of Selling Sunset takes place in the city of Los Angeles, and it follows a team of real estate brokers as they try to sell some high-end properties in the Sunset Strip neighborhood.

The Oppenheim Group’s drama, though, is also on display. Agent Christine Quinn is right in the thick of everything.

Since season 1, Reality Titbit has investigated speculation that Christine had undergone plastic surgery.

Christine Quinn, Just Before the Operation

christine quinn before surgery

Christine had already established herself as a model and actress before her Selling Sunset success. Fans were taken aback by the drastic change in her appearance in photos from her acting days that have recently surfaced online.

Images of her wearing a white bikini for her 2011 role in Shark Night 3D. Her lips, nose, hair, and boobs have changed significantly since these pictures were taken. Even though she has admitted to getting a boob job, rumors of other cosmetic surgeries persist; she may just be a master of the art of makeup.

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Plastic Surgery by Christine Quinn

christine quinn before surgery

Christine looks far from her work on Selling Sunset in images shot during a scene where she is emerging from the water. The realtor, who welcomed her first kid in May, has regular botox injections and appears to have had a boob job since the start of her business.

The 33-year-old additionally uses lip fillers. She famously said in season one, “Nothing about me is fake except my boobs.

” She also told her co-stars that she would get botox soon after giving birth to her child. The real estate agent even held a botox and burger party at an open house to entice potential clients. Christine is honest about her procedures as she considers “Honesty is important.

I support plastic surgery truth-telling wholeheartedly, she declared in an interview. When people experience bodily dysmorphia as a result of the façade of social networks, it is vital for society.

“Although they are not real, some nevertheless think they are. I frequently exclaim to people, “I got my boobs done, my lips done, tons of Botox, and tons of makeup.”

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In the Eyes of The Public, Christine Employed the Services of A Surrogate.

christine quinn before surgery

Since the premiere of Season 4 of Selling Sunset, there has been a lot of online controversy about Christine. The Netflix star welcomed her first kid, a son named Christian, in May of last year. Many viewers, however, suspected that she had actually utilized a surrogate rather than bearing the child herself.

Christine quickly responded to the rumors by labeling those who spread them as sick. As the drama surrounding Selling Sunset has continued, she has received support from her fellow cast members.

Maya Vander defended Christine, adding that she personally witnessed the birth of Christine’s C-section scar.

What Type of Plastic Surgery Did Christine Quinn Undergo?

Christine made the infamous statement, “Nothing about me is fake except my boobs,” in the first season of Selling Sunset. The average cost of this procedure is $6,500–$8,000.

Christine has reportedly undergone more surgery since the first season, according to rumors. She may have received Botox treatment to give her skin a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance. The Netflix actor reportedly underwent a nose job, which might have cost her up to $13,000, according to other accounts.

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Christine, 33, has been the show’s ‘dominatrix, gothic Barbie’ for four seasons, but her shifting appearance has attracted the most attention. Christine is adjusting to life as a mom in Selling Sunset season 4, and while she misses her Botox during pregnancy, her style is still different from season one. The blonde boasted in the first season that ‘nothing about me is phony except my boobs’